Sep 042018


Sleepless” is the name of the new song by the Roman band Seventh Genocide that we’re presenting today. Simply experiencing the changing moods and sensations of the music induces an interpretation of that title, which may or may not be supported by the lyrics. These changing and sharply contrasting sounds seem to capture not mundane insomnia, but a kind of severe sleep deprivation that leads to unbidden reveries, feverish paranoia, hallucinatory visions, and sudden discoveries of untapped energy whose reservoirs somehow haven’t yet been exhausted.

To come at the song in a different way, it is by turns hypnotic and jolting, dreamlike and savage, haunting and explosive. It’s quite an eye-opening trip, and a very enticing attraction for Seventh Genocide‘s new EP, SVNTH, which will be jointly released by Third I Rex and Toten Schwan Records on October 28th. Continue reading »

Jul 112017


“Post-black metal” is a slippery term, calling up different sounds and moods to different people, and sometimes used simply for want of any better term to characterize music that’s not easily classifiable, but includes blasting drums and tremolo buzzing. Within the musical ambit of that label, it’s always best to listen when you can. And fortunately, we have some listening for you.

This song was crafted by a band who wear the “post-black metal” brand, but with the outlines blurred and blending into other influences as they put their own stamp on their creations. The song is “Astral Bliss” by the Roman quartet Seventh Genocide.

Let’s reverse the usual order of things and provide some impressions of the sound before laying out any further details about the band or the new album that includes this track. Continue reading »