May 112015


In the annals of “no fucks given”, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better example than a band who call themselves SHIT. Not “The Shit”, as in “this band is The Shit!”, but simply SHIT. However, as you’re about to find out, it’s obvious they do give a fuck about at least one thing — their music.

As proof of this, what we have for you today is the premiere of a song named “Sulphur the Right” from the second full-length by SHIT, entitled Scavengers Of A Dying Sun. The ominous symphonic overture in the song sets the stage, and what follows immediately is a flensing surge of black/death metal that alternately blasts like a storm, romps with a crust-punk rhythms, and stomps with steel-toed boots.

The music is loaded with mind-warping, dissonant riffs played at dazzling speed and blazing drum fusillades aimed straight at your skull. Skull fracture isn’t the only risk you will run when you hear this track — the thoroughly nasty vocals display the ravenous hunger of a beast ready to sink its huge jaws right into your throat. Continue reading »