Mar 222017


Kingdom of the Grave is the debut album by a band from Austin, Texas, named Sigil. The album will be released on April 7 by Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. We came across the album’s title track a couple weeks ago and featured it in a column here, and now we have the pleasure of bringing you another head-wrecker from the album: “Even the Gods Will Burn“.

Sigil is the brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Alex Citrone (who also created the cover art), and the band that recorded the album further includes bass-player Leda Ginestra, drummer Jeremy Hassel, and lead guitarist Andy Bonney (although Thomas Schlicht plays lead guitar in the band’s live line-up). Continue reading »

Mar 072017


As I looked through my list of candidates for a SEEN AND HEARD round-up, and having siphoned off some of the more blackened entries for a continuation of the latest SHADES OF BLACK column, it dawned on me that many of the remaining songs were of a deathly variety. And so I’ve compiled them here with a different post title. Different forms of death, to be sure, but plenty of heaviness and savagery is to be found below.


Tremendum is the name of the new album by the Polish leviathans (note, I did not say “behemoths”) in Hate. It will be released on May 5 by Napalm Records. This morning the band debuted a lyric video for the first single from the album, a track called “Asuric Being“. Continue reading »