Sep 102018


In a high forest under a spectral moon with the air biting-cold, you’ve built the woodland fuel for a fire to warm your bones. The kindling comes to life slowly as clouds pass like ghosts across the face of the moon. The wind stirs the flames and they leap higher and higher until you stagger back from them, eyes wide at the sudden violence of the pyre you’ve made.

In its sound, “Exitium Vivirum Omnes” builds in a similar way, and once it’s roaring in the fullness of its heat, it produces a bonfire-like effect on the mind.

This is the second single from Arctic Blood, the new EP by the Swedish strike-force Siniestro, and it comes with a lyric video that revels in visions of apocalypse, with death in the skies and the earth bathed in blood. Continue reading »

Mar 042018


I would have started this post with the new At the Gates song, but DGR is including that in a big round-up for Monday, and I don’t want to steal his thunder because I’m too interested in reading his take (I know he likes the song, as do I). But I am beginning with another melodeath band for whom I also have a soft spot, so it’s all good.

By the way, by the time you read this I’ll be in Iceland, with a bunch of friends from Seattle. The main object of the trip is the third and final edition of Oration Fest in Reykjavik this week, but because we have days on either side of that, I assume we’ll also explore the environs beyond the capital city.

Because of this metal-filled vacation, I think it’s likely that the volume of posts at our site will decline this coming week. I have agreed to write one (but only one) premiere each day, and my NCS comrades have some things in the works, plus I’ve learned not to underestimate the strength of my blog addiction. For example, unless jet lag completely short-circuits my own biological batteries, I do have some ideas for a SHADES OF BLACK post in the near future. Continue reading »