Nov 222016



Chaotic Fiend is the name of the new album by the band Sithter from Tokyo, Japan, and it’s also the name of the album’s opening track. The song, in the band’s words, is “our invitation from hell”. And so it is.

While rooted in the traditions of sludge/doom bands such as Grief, Eyehategod and Buzzoven, Sithter push their music into realms where psychosis, violence, and psychedelic hallucinations reign. They’re bone-breakers and conjurors, equally capable of bending necks and administering psychoactive poisons straight to the bloodstream. The album’s title track, which we’re bringing your way, is a good example. Continue reading »

Oct 142016



I nearly decided to call this round-up “Overpowering Audio Carnage” or “Your End Is Near”, but decided those headlines wouldn’t quite suit everything I’ve collected here — though they would suit most of it.

I guess I’m in a bloody frame of mind, and these songs struck the right chord, some of them because they’re fucking bloody and cathartic and some of them because they turned my fevered mind in other appealing directions. I’m going to start with the especially nasty and destructive stuff.


I’ve been meaning to check out the music from Hierophant’s new album Mass Grave and finally took the plunge when CVLT Nation premiered a track from it yesterday (thanks to Utmu for pointing me to it). I’m glad I was sitting down or it would have knocked me flat. Continue reading »