Feb 162018


Let’s begin with the name of this band from Bordeaux, which for someone like me is best copy-pasted to avoid the misspelling that would otherwise inevitably result: It is the Romanian word for Satan — spelled backwards. And there is indeed something about the music of Ssanahtes on their self-titled debut album that is both up-ending and devilish. A couple of songs from the album have emerged so far in the run-up to its March 22 release, and now we present another, the name of which is “Let Down“.

That’s the song’s name, but it will definitely not let you down. A composition that might be thought of as an intersection of post-metal and sludge, it manages simultaneously to be bleak, bone-breaking, and astral (or perhaps “spectral” would be an equally good word). But perhaps above all else, “Let Down” delivers immense, pavement-cracking rhythmic power. In the end, you might feel transported, lifted off your feet, but also battered by the vigorous application of a crowbar to the back of your neck. Continue reading »