Aug 092019


Structural are a relatively new melodic/technical death metal band from Tel-Aviv, Israel. Formed in 2015, they released their first album, Metacognition, in June of last year, and currently have a line-up that consists of co-founding guitarist Shani Friedman, guitarist Tomer Dembinsky, vocalist Nadav Zaidman, and drummer Vadim Sergyenko.

Metacognition is a very impressive debut, a record that showcases Structural’s whiz-bang technical chops but also reveals satisfying songwriting skills, through music that combines body-wracking grooves, head-hooking melodies, and explosive energy. For the official video we’re happily presenting today, the band chose a song from Metacognition that vividly embodies all those qualities — and the video amplifies the turbo-charged power of the track through the fast-cutting sights of the band throwing themselves into their performance. The name of the song is “Turn On the Lights“. Continue reading »