Dec 232013

(We invited Chicago’s Surachai to share with us some of his favorite music from 2013 because we suspected it would be an unusual list. We were not wrong. And if you happened to have missed Surachai’s 2013 album, Embraced, which BadWolf reviewed here, check it out on Bandcamp.)


Bernard ParmegianiDe Natura Sonorum (Recollection GRM)

Unfortunately, I found out about Bernard Parmagiani only recently, and only recently did he die. He left behind an immense catalog of some of the mind-bending compositions and sounds from last century. I’ve been collecting all the reissued GRM titles and most of them take you to school, then you realize some of these reissues are anywhere between 30-50 years old. Continue reading »

Apr 192013

(We are delighted to bring you the premiere of “Surrender” by Surachai, preceded by the following review by NCS writer BadWolf.)

Industrial black metal has not historically produced very many good bands or records—or that many records at all, for that matter—but 2013 is bucking that trend. I’ve heard several records that mix contemporary black metal with electronics and samples to excellent effect so far this year. Spektr and Altar of Plagues immediately come to mind, and now we can add Surachai’s new record, Embraced, to that list.

Ostensibly Surachai is another one-man black metal project, the brain child of Surachai Sutthisasanakul, who has been working as a sound editor by day and making experimental records by night for the past few years. Of course, he is working out of Chicago, home of many such avant-black metal projects such as Nachtmystium and Chrome Waves (and ex-Nachtmystium guitarist Andrew Markuszewski is one of many session contributors to this album).

Embraced sounds richer than your average bedroom black metal record. Surachai layers samples with guitar and various electronic effects to create an almost symphonic atmosphere. That mix is perfected by some of the most intricate black metal drumming I’ve heard since Cobalt’s Gin, courtesy of guest drummer Charlie Werber of Guzzlemug. That percussion absolutely makes the record whole. The magic of Surachai is his ability to make soothing music out of so much abrasive noise.. Continue reading »