May 022017


If you’re not familiar with Madrid’s Teething, I’d suggest you have a neck brace handy so you can immobilize the cervical fractures while you seek medical attention after listening to this song. Borrowing some body armor before pressing “play” would be good idea, too. Have you considered writing a last will and testament? Instructions regarding cremation or coffin burial?

“Violent” and “destructive” might begin to describe “An Open Letter To My Best Friend“, but words like “unhinged” and “obliterating” are more accurate for this brand of grinding hardcore. I’ve thought of some more words, too. But first I suppose I ought to tell you that this song is only one of 12 assaults on the senses contained within Teething’s first full album, We Will Regret This Someday, which is being released by a consortium of labels in different formats, each of which should be classified as a weapon of mass destruction. Continue reading »