Jan 132023

The forthcoming second album by the Polish duo Terrestrial Hospice is named Caviary to the General. Don’t let your eyes pass over that name too quickly, or you might think it reads “Cavalry” or maybe “Calvary”, or maybe that was just us. The actual name sent us scurrying to a dictionary, which revealed that “caviary” is a place for keeping or raising cavies — which turns out to be a family of rodents native to South America and includes the domestic guinea pig, wild cavies, and the largest living rodent, the capybara.

Well, it’s an intriguing title, the meaning of which we can only guess at. The title of the band’s first album, Indian Summer Brought Mushroom Clouds, was also one you don’t soon forget, and the sonic holocaust that album presented (which we commented about here) wasn’t the kind of thing that passed quickly from memory either. It was such a wild and extravagantly savage black metal riot that it was a bit scary to read that the new album is “arguably even more extreme“.

Is it? Well, you’ll have a chance to think about that yourself (once you reassemble your mind) because today we’re premiering a song from it named “Memoir“, and reprising a previously released song named “In the Streams of Phlegethon“, in advance of the record’s February 10 uncaging by Ancient Dead Productions. Continue reading »

Apr 092020


Here we go again. I decided not to alphabetize the bands today, but focused instead on structuring this a bit like a playlist of new music, with some ebb and flow and movement among genres as you go through it. I also threw in a curveball, as you’ll see.


Chaotic, violent black/death with mutilating levels of distortion and explosive skull-busting rhythms, coupled with an amalgam of malevolent roars, grotesque growls, unhinged shrieks, and freaked-out, ear-shredding leads. The music also devolves into massive doom stomps saturated by musical misery and accented by gouts of splintering pain. Continue reading »