May 232019


What we’re about to present is the second play-through video released for the same song by the Canadian death/thrash band Tessitura. If you already know the song — “Wounds of the Righteous” — you’ll understand why it merits both of these videos (and why both are a kick in the ass to watch). And if you’re encountering the song for the first time, prepare for a multi-faceted experience, one that’s a real thrill-ride but with some beguiling detours long the way.

Wounds of the Righteous” is the opening song on this Edmonton band’s 2018 EP, Unearth the Underworld, and probably the strongest of the five tracks on that 30-minute release (though the other four are definitely well worth your time). The video features performances by guitarist Stephan Ceña and bassist Leillyn McColman. Continue reading »