Apr 232023

I probably went way overboard with yesterday’s 11-band roundup of new songs and videos. I could have done the same today, but decided to show a little restraint. There’s still a lot of music to be found below, with two complete EPs as well as two advance songs from forthcoming albums.

I’m also happy with the way this came together, because in very different ways (some more adventurous than others) all the music is head-spinning.

DIONE (Poland)

The debut EP of the solo black metal project Dione seemed to appear out of nowhere when it was released yesterday. No previous releases under that name, though M-A does point to its creator’s previous involvement in a few other projects (which themselves don’t have many releases to their credit). This just makes the appeal of the four songs on Cosmosphere even more startling. Continue reading »

Sep 032011

(TheMadIsraeli reaches new heights of fanboy-dom in this latest installment of his Melodeath Week series, shining the spotlight on Denmark’s The Arcane Order.)

Just listen to this…


I think I could honestly end this article right here, but I’m a fan boy for this band, so I have to gush a bit. (gushing, and a lot more music, after the jump . . .) Continue reading »