Aug 102012

The weekend is nearly upon us. Almost time for the revels to begin. In addition to reveling in my own preferred way after a tough week (i.e., sleeping like a dead man), I hope to catch up on my metal listening. But before diving into a big batch of album-length goodies that are high on my list, I thought I’d close out the week with one more grab-bag of song-length sounds.

Two fresh tracks caught my ears this morning, one from a French band named Wormfood and one from a Brooklyn outfit, Call of the Wild. I also have ant noise. I also have this photo from Mars, beamed back to the mother ship by the Curiosity rover. What look like hills in the distance are the rim of the Gale Crater, where Curiosity is now located.

There’s a better photo of the crater rim after the jump, though it’s in black and white. Continue reading »