May 102022

(In this new interview Comrade Aleks conversed with Simon Iff?, a fixture in The Lamp of Thoth and frontman of the UK heavy doom band Arkham Witch, who have lots of new things going on.)

Being born from The Lamp of Thoth secret lodge this band seemed to be just a funny side-project which soon eclipsed The Lamp itself. Arkham Witch balanced between heavy metal and doom in recording their debut On Crom’s Mountain (2011) in a very natural way, but soon Witch’s savage spirit was unleashed and the following albums Legions of the Deep (2012) and I Am Providence (2015), as well as a series of short but important EPs, showed the band’s true face. If there ever was any.

Dreamers of Lovecraft’s fantasies, true metal warriors of Manowar’s metal, and old-schooled admirers of Robert Howard’s talents, as well as Doom Cult believers, already heard Arkham Witch’s true English metal EP Three Bladed Doom (2021), and I believe you also know about their forthcoming full-length Swords Against Death. The band’s spiritual leader Simon Iff? (vocals) is beyond good and evil, but he was kind enough to spend some time answering my questions. ‘Cause I love The Lamp. Continue reading »