Dec 032020


The song you’re about to experience is named “Zero“, but maybe it would have been better named “Infinity”, not only because of the times when it becomes vast and mysterious but also because of the multitude of eye-opening permutations you’ll encounter along its elaborately labyrinthine path — not an infinite number, of course, but still dazzling in their diversity and cumulative impact.

The song is off a debut album named Ephemeral by The Lylat Continuum, a band whose talented line-up is now split between Colorado and California, and who enlisted Evan Sammons (Last Chance to Reason) on drums and bassist Jordan Eberhardt (The Contortionist, ex-Scale The Summit) as session musicians for the album. As already forecast, the music is an adventurous blend of ingredients, and is rightly considered a hybrid, described by the band in this way: Continue reading »