Dec 282020


The Scalar Process are a French trio who will make their full-length debut in February with the support of Transcending Obscurity Records. As a technical death metal band, their advent comes at a time when their chosen genre is burgeoning, indeed splitting at the seams because it is so over-stuffed with bands both new and old. To stand out at such times is a formidable challenge, but not one that is daunting to this band at all. A feeling of confidence blazes through the music, as well it should.

Perhaps it’s a given that the performers are technically impressive, and they’ve composed their music in ways that allow those skills to shine, and thereby to make the songs electrifying. But this flamboyance is only part of the album’s attraction, because the band are equally skilled at creating contrasts, enabling dramatic changes of mood and the introduction of atmospheric elements that are vital in making the songs memorable as well as pulse-pounding.

We have a great example of these compositional ingredients in the song we’re premiering today, the intriguingly named “Ink Shadow“, which is the third song to debut so far from this new album, Coagulative Matter. Continue reading »