Oct 242017


Do you remember what happened in 2008? When the U.S. economy came close to a meltdown that would have rivaled The Great Depression, and then dragged the global economy down into a trough along with it? Do you remember the government bailouts of giant companies that were considered “too big to fail”? The man behind The Sound That Ends Creation (hereafter, TSTEC) hasn’t forgotten, and to those corporate behemoths who had their hands out, he offers a pungent retort: “Your Mom Is Too Big To Fail“.

That’s the name of this one-man wrecking machine’s new song that we’re premiering today. It comes from his new album Fitting Through the Crawl Space Between Rhyme and Reason, which follows a debut album named We Are the Burden that was self-released in the summer of 2016. Continue reading »