Jun 062022

It’s fair to say that in recent years Pennsylvania has proven itself to be a hotbed of progressive death metal, with bands such as Rivers of Nihil, Black Crown Initiate, Alustrium, and Burial In The Sky all seizing international attention. In that environment, it would take something special for another similarly ambitious group to see their own star rise, but The World Without Us definitely bring something special to the firmament.

Building on their 2019 EP Incarnate, the band are now approaching the July 8 release date of their second EP, Body Forth, and the four songs it includes merit the eye-popping cover art by Magic the Gathering artist Poison Project that you see above. One of those songs, “Eden“, is already out in the world, and today we have the pleasure of presenting a second one — “Weeds“. Lest you misconceive the title as a message about dope, here’s how the band’s vocalist Mario Paulo Canavarro describes its meaning: Continue reading »