Feb 122021


Beginning last fall, the British band This Is Turin have been gradually rolling out the three songs that make up their conceptual EP, T.U.R.I.N., with each song presented through its own video. The trilogy of tracks began with “Misery“, continued with “Absolution“, and concludes today with “Excommunicate” — the song and video that we’re now premiering on the day of the track’s official release.

With each new song the band have explained its meaning. In the case of “Misery” (which featured a guest appearance by CJ McMahon from Thy Art Is Murder), they wrote: “Misery is the point of no return. Misery is the cry for help that goes unheard. Misery is when life has stripped away every part of existence. It is giving up on hope. This is where the prayers go unanswered. Where absolution has failed. This is turning your back on salvation and finding solace in damnation. It is the soundtrack to complete spiritual discontent. Darkness will reign when the light fades.” Continue reading »