May 012020


The video we’re presenting here is an arresting collage of images, of film and still photos and hallucinatory visual effects — decrepit structures falling apart and being reclaimed by nature; barren midnight alleys lit by flickering lights; forests bathed in day-glo colors; branches distorted on the surface of a pond; a sleeping woman becoming a plaything for giant shadow hands; x-rays; tombstones; spiders waiting in their webs; naked bodies spinning on their axis; parched earth; computer code… and the Dutch band Throwing Bricks throwing themselves into a performance.

The video is intense and unnerving, a head-trip and a mind-fuck. The music it accompanies, a song called “Ready To Fall“, is also intense and unnerving… indeed catastrophic… and yet in some ways dreamlike. It is, in the band’s words, “a song about the fear of loss. A theme that, sadly, gets more and more relevant every day. This video is based on this deprivation of humanity.” Continue reading »