Oct 192023

(Andy Synn presents another collection of British artists/albums he thinks you should check out)

Good afternoon kids (and kids of all ages).

Are you ready to learn?

Well, today’s edition of the “Best of British” is brought to you by the letter “T” and the number “3”.

So shut up and start paying attention. There will be a test.

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Jan 172017


Welcome to the lucky 13th Part of our list of 2016’s Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs. To scroll through the preceding 12 parts, click this link.

For the trio of songs I’ve collected in this installment, I decided to dive deeper into the underground than I have for most of the songs that I’ve chosen for this list so far — deep enough that no one else suggested songs by any of these bands when I solicited input from readers and other NCS writers. But they happen to be favorites of mine (and as it also happens, the first of these isn’t likely to remain deep underground for very much longe)r. I also picked these songs because all the bands are cross-genre alchemists.


My happy acquaintance with Australia’s Rebel Wizard began back in the fall of 2015 when I discovered Negative Wizard Metal, the fourth of five EPs that Rebel Wizard released that year. I frothed at the mouth about it on our site, and then did more frothing later in the year when the fifth EP (Invocation of the Miserable Ones) reared its head. Continue reading »

Jul 142016

Tides of Sulfur-Extinction Curse


The label “power trio” gets thrown around a lot, but Tides of Sulfur… man, this Welsh band really is a goddamned power trio, and their debut album Extinction Curse is as brutally heavy as a late-stage bone cancer that has metastasized to all the organs.

Tides of Sulfur brew a poisonous and intoxicating concoction using stylistic elements drawn from sludge, doom, and death metal, laced with killer riffs that sometimes bring to mind the swampy, narcotic attractions of stoner doom.

Thanks to the recording and mixing talents of Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studio and mastering by Today is the Day’s Steve Austin, the album also has an immense, powerhouse sound that will threaten the integrity of your skeletal structure. Continue reading »

Jul 012016

Verbum=Processio Flagellates


I meant to post this yesterday, but my job continues to mess with me. What I did here was to collect some new singles and a couple of new EPs that I found two nights ago while using the internet  to crawl through the underground. I like all this stuff and thought you might also find something in here that strikes the right chord.

In this globe-trotting expedition the music consists mainly of various shades and phases of death metal (much of it “blackened”) by five bands, hence the title of this post.


Verbum are based in Chile, and their debut EP Processio Flagellates was originally released on tape by the Chilean label Penitenziagite Records, although it’s now also available as a download at Bandcamp. Continue reading »