Nov 022023

Our friend Tito Vespasiani from Everlasting Spew Records (and other metal endeavors) is back with another weekly playlist of recommended heavy songs. This second one, like the first one last week, includes 20 tracks, with commentary about a few of them below. The full stream is at the end, and on Spotify here.

Defleshed – Grind Over Matter

Defleshed is BACK!

“Who?” Some fans out there could say. Oh come on, DEFLESHED! Under the Blade! One of the best thrashy death bands ever, grindy at times (like in this album) and one of the most aggressive and crushing bands as always. Continue reading »

Oct 252023

(Today we launch the first of what we hope will be many playlists from our Italian friend Tito Vespasiani, who introduces himself below. This first one is 20 tracks long, with specific commentary in this post about a select few and an embedded stream of everything at the end.)

Hello everyone!

I’m Tito Vespasiani, your friendly neighbourhood death metal aficionado. I do A&R for Everlasting Spew Records, manage a few bands (it all started with Hideous Divinity back in 2012), book shows internationally and in Rome through my agency Death Over Rome, and most of all I love making playlists for people and sharing music with everyone all over the world.

Here’s the first edition of my weekly recommendation playlists. It will be on Spotify (here) as it’s the platform I find most comfortable but I’ll also include other links for those not using it. I’m providing a quick introduction to some of the tracks, but not all, ’cause I don’t wanna bore you to death.

But if you’re down to chat about metal, hit me up on Facebook or on instagram: @tito.vsp Continue reading »