Dec 032021


The tale of Tormentor Tyrant‘s inception points the way toward the kind of evil death metal they’ve laid down on their debut self-titled EP. We’re told that the band was born in late 2020, but that the seeds of the idea might be traced back even a few years earlier “to some obscure drunken nights when the trio had the innocent idea of ‘how cool would it be to just jam some early Deicide songs together?'”

From that starting point this Finnish threesome — guitarist/vocalist S. and drummer J. (who played together in such bands as Cataleptic and Solothus) plus bassist/vocalist M. (from Corpsessed, Tyranny, and Profetus) — moved on from playing cover songs to creating their own fiendish material, but still under the influences of the early demos and albums of groups like Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, and Malevolent Creation, as well as the abrupt and unhinged bands of South America and Europe of the same era.

And hell yes, what they’ve made is thoroughly evil — death metal that’s grimy, grotesque, untamed, and savagely primal in its sound. We’ve got a great example of their formidable talents in a song off their forthcoming EP that’s fittingly named “Primal Evil“. Continue reading »