Apr 262018


With a name like Torn the Fuck Apart, this Kansas City death metal band might not be one whom you would expect to practice subtlety in their musical creations. And indeed, there is a fundamentally eviscerating quality to what they’ve done on their newest album, A Genetic Predisposition to Violence. But the music isn’t sheer brute-force blood-letting either, as you’ll discover when you listen to the track we’re presenting today, the name of which is “Invitation Homicide“.

With three well-received albums behind them already, the band have had the time to hone their methods of violence and to enrich the slaughtering impact of their rampages in new ways. Continue reading »

Nov 262013

(One of our most frequent commenters and the alter ego of Godless Angel, djneibarger, answered our call for guest posts with this show review straight from Lawrence, Kansas, and photos.)

My introduction to Morbid Angel happened in 1993 courtesy of the music video for “Rapture”, the opening track from their seminal album, Covenant. The ominous imagery and savage, hypnotic pulse served as my gateway drug to the death metal scene. And although my interest in the band waned after the departure of David Vincent, that legendary album is still as mesmerizing to me now as it was twenty years ago. When it was announced that Morbid Angel would be performing the album in its entirety and that the tour would be making a stop in my hometown, I knew I had to be there to witness it.

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