Nov 172020


Let’s face it, nothing says death metal quite like the sight of writhing maggots ecstatically feeding on rotting flesh. Skulls hollowed out and stripped clean of their putrefying meat is up there too. You get plenty of such visions in the new Toxaemia lyric video we’re premiering today, along with roaches, fattened worms, ghoulish glimpses of the un-dead, and savage verbal proclamations that leave no doubt what will and won’t happen to you when you die.

As for the music within “Buried To Rot“, it’s another explosive outburst by this re-formed Swedish death metal band from their new album Where Paths Divide, which is set for release on November 20th via Emanzipation Productions, and yet another sign that passing decades have done nothing to dim the band’s ferocity or their ability to give your pulse rate a swift boot in the ass. Continue reading »

Sep 092020


What causes a cult Swedish death metal band to come back to life after almost 30 years of silence? Not fame and fortune, at least not in the case of Toxaemia. Their roots go back to 1989, and their early demos and other recordings in 1990 and 1991 can legitimately be considered part of the pioneering sound of early Swedish death metal, but they’re not a household name in 2020. Rather than trying to cash in on a name, it’s a much better guess that this revival was spawned by one thing and one thing only: passion for the music.

Sure, you might guess that nostalgia had something to do with it, but when you hear the music they’ve now made on a debut album that gestated this long, what you feel is fire and fury. The name of that album is Where Paths Divide, and it’s set for release by Emanzipation Productions on November 20th. One single from that album (“Pestilence”) has already been released, and today we’re premiering a second one that shares the band’s name. Continue reading »