Mar 212023

Photo by Liam Kanigan

(We thank Comrade Aleks for the following very engaging interview he conducted with Etienne Flinn and Soren Mourne, whose new album under the name Tribunal is out now on 20 Buck Spin — and we thank them too for their time and their music!)

Vancouver-based duo Tribunal was founded by Etienne Flinn (vocals, guitars) and Soren Mourne (cello, bass, vocals) in 2019. Their passion towards doom metal pushed them further and further until seven songs which they recorded with a few guest musicians drew the attention of 20 Buck Spin. Thus their delightfully elegant and mournful full-length album The Weight of Remembrance was released in January 2023, and has already got well-deserved positive feedback.

Tribunal preaches the mix of traditional doom metal with elements of death-doom, but Soren’s vocals and cello let both the band and the label use the “gothic doom” tag to describe this material. Okay, then let’s try to dig out what gothic doom means here with the help of Soren and Etienne. Continue reading »