Jul 152015



Unique Leader Records has a well-demonstrated taste for bands who join death metal ferocity to head-spinning complexity and technical flair, and this past spring they added another eye-opening group to their growing roster — Unbreakable Hatred from Quebec City. The band’s second album Ruins is now projected for release in August, and we’re about to give you a glimpse of the carnage within as we premiere the album’s title track.

Unbreakable Hatred is a power trio consisting of guitarist Philippe Drouin, his brother Dominic on drums, and vocalist/bassist Simon B. Lapointe. The band’s debut album Total Chaos was released in 2011, and they’ve drawn praise from an impressive collection of other musicians:

Unbreakable Hatred is one of Canada’s premier death metal acts; this trio of power lays waste to the listeners’ ear drums on every level and then some!” – Terrance Hobbs, Suffocation

Unbreakable Hatred blew us away each night with their energy and ripping songs; it was a total pleasure to have them on our tour and the best is most certainly to come – Ferocious!” — Jason Netherton, Misery Index

Unbreakable Hatred from Quebec are definitly one of the new bands out there to be recognized! Once again proving that Quebec musicians are on top of their Game! ” — Flo Mounier, Cryptopsy

“Great musicians, brutally heavy and very strong live, definitely a band to watch out for.” — Bobby Koelble, Death

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