May 042015


The Ohio triumvirate known as UnKured self-released their second album Mutated Earth in limited distribution last fall, but since then Sliptrick Records signed the band and are giving the album the worldwide release it deserves. Beginning tomorrow, the album will also become available for digital acquisition via Bandcamp. But today — today you will have the chance to hear the album on this very site, in this very post, and discover for yourselves what it has to offer.

And what it has to offer is an invasion from extraterrestrial forces bent on seizing control of the neurons in the pleasure centers of your brain — and burning out all the rest.

You could say that UnKured are a thrash band, but that would be like saying a cheetah is a cat. It’s true, but it doesn’t tell you nearly enough about what’s coming after you. The music is fast as greased lightning and just as electrifying. It’s fueled by a flurry of constantly changing riffs and a pinpoint rhythm section. The technical skill of all the performers is genuinely impressive, and there’s a flesh-scraping howler behind the mic. But that still doesn’t tell you enough. Continue reading »