Nov 142012

In this post I’m collecting reviews of three releases that I recommend to you most highly: Liquefied Embodied Dissonance by Splattered, Quasineutrality by Wormed, and Just the Tip by Vaginal Bear Trap. All three are available on Bandcamp, one of them is free, and all are united by a love of brutality that seeps from every pore and a load of instrumental talent.

I have two NCS readers to thank for these discoveries: Vonlughlio tipped me to the first and last of these bands, and Utmu recommended Wormed.


The members of Splattered are from Fremont and Pleasanton, California. Last month they self-released a debut EP by the name of Liquefied Embodied Dissonance. It includes only three songs, but they make a powerful impression, like the impression that would be left by a sledgehammer if brought down vigorously on top of your head.

Brutal, slamming, gurgling death metal isn’t known for its subtlety. What you want from it, and what you get from Splattered in spades, is a pulverizing beat down. Splattered splatter their music with jet-fueled riffs, convulsive rhythms, and punishing percussion. And those gut-deep gurgling vocals are exactly what the doctor ordered, that is, if the doctor is an unlicensed butcher. Continue reading »