Aug 092021


Vela Pulsar began as a transcontinental collaboration between Ryan Mueller from Toronto and Samantha Holmes from Portland, Oregon. When the project became more serious and Samantha proposed creating an album, Ryan recruited his brother Cam to handle the drums (both brothers are also members of A Flock Named Murder) — and thus they recorded their debut record Memoirs of Unbecoming, which was digitally released last December, adorned by the haunting cover art of Marie Cherniy.

The music is a hybrid of symphonic and post-black metal that’s both ravishing and profound. Over the course of three long tracks it creates wide-ranging sensations of turmoil, longing, and transcendence that are all artfully constructed and emotionally involving at a visceral level. What we have for you today is a lyric video for one of those three tracks, “Reverence of Being“. Continue reading »