Jan 072012

(TheMadIsraeli emerges from his holiday cocoon with his first review of 2012. He’s not exactly easing into things.)

Alright NCSer’s, I’ve decided my work on year end-content has been putting off my output for too long, so, while you will see those things from me eventually, I got tired of not being able to stroke my own ego by reading my own sexually stimulating prose on our glorious website.

Speaking of sexually stimulating shit…

This is Vicious Bastard and their debut Post Abortion Lust. You’re probably thinking, “Oh great, this is another grind/pornogrind/deathgrind album from among the billions that are out there. Why should I give two fucks?” Here is a small excerpt off of Vicious Bastard’s Facebook page.

“5 Piece brutal grind assault featuring members of MALEVOLENT CREATION, VENOMOUS CONCEPT, WAR OF THE SECOND DRAGON and live member of ANAAL NATHRAKH

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