Jul 052012

Yeah, I know I did one of these MISCELLANY posts just two days ago, but I had so much fun doing it that I’m just gonna fuckin’ do it again! And even though I included a refresher on the rules of MISCELLANY in that post, I’m doing that again, too:

I randomly pick a few bands whose music I’ve never heard and whose names are new to me. I listen to one recent song by each band (I try to limit myself to just one song, but I sometimes I get carried away). I record my impressions here, and then I stream the song(s) I heard so you can make up your own minds about whether to explore the music further. That’s it.

Today’s bands: Indesinence (UK), Vimana (U.S.-Colorado), and Shajol (Equador).


Truth be told, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of this band before, but I’ll be damned if I can remember how or when. I do know I’d never heard their music before this MISCELLANY expedition. What put them on my radar was the revelation a few days ago of the album cover art you see above. It was created by Jaume Mayans & Daniela Kropeit, and it’s apparently only part of a larger image that will grace the hardcover digibook (which will include a 24-page booklet!) for this band’s new album, Vessels of Light and Decay, which Profound Lore will be releasing in late August.

Speaking of Jaume and Daniela, they also did the artwork for a forthcoming album on the Dark Descent label that I’ve heard good things about by a UK band named Binah. Check that out right after the jump. Continue reading »