Dec 022022

(Here we present Christopher Luedtke‘s review of a debut EP that’s being released today by the Austin, Texas band Volente Beach.)

As the world burns and breaks before our eyes, there’s a constant desire to want to run away from problems, especially when they’re out of our control. And while some of us simply can’t look away from an apocalyptic train wreck, there are plenty who will. Thankfully we have music, and when the human race isn’t horny fixated, we can fall into despair and our eyes connect with the issues once more. Which perpetuates the horny cycle, honestly. Today though, we’re on that path to the apocalypse with Sounds of the Ocean, the first release from Volente Beach.

The Texas four-piece Volente Beach are on a mission to keep us from getting too comfy in our ennui. Featuring members of Deaf Club, Glassing, Exhalants, Vampyre, and Honey & Salt, the project is an exercise in the dichotomy of serene beach sunsets and Skynet dystopias. The sound hovers in the hardcore/punk but has more than might be expected. Continue reading »