Aug 082019


If you leave a sick person in one position for too long, unable to move by themselves, the mere pressure of their own weight on the bed will open draining ulcers in the skin. If untreated, the ulcers may penetrate to the muscle and the bone. Some may never completely heal.

Now, take a long, close look at Caroline Harrison‘s cover painting for the debut album of Weeping Sores.

That image, and the band’s name, are of course metaphorical. What comes through in the music of this new album, False Confession, is the sound of other wounds, of damage to the psyche and the soul brought about by other kinds of untreated pressures, some self-imposed, some inflicted as a consequence of abandonment by others, of being left in dire straits and unable to move without help, which never comes or arrives too late. Even when help comes, scars remain.

The title of the opening track on False Confession refers to scars — “Scars Whispering Secret Tongues”. As an opening statement, it makes a stunning first impression, even if you had some inkling of what might happen based on exposure to Weeping Sores‘ self-titled EP released in 2017. Continue reading »

Mar 262017


The weekends at NCS are usually all mine. No one else’s compositions to ready for posting, no premieres to write, no day job to fuck around with my own desires (usually), and this weekend my spouse has also been away having fun without me (or at least I hope she is). With all the cats away, this mouse has plenty of time to play (metal).

And so, in addition to all of the reviews and streams I tossed your way yesterday, I have a torrent of more metal to share on this Sunday, beginning with this collection of singles, advance tracks, and one full release selected from a massive list of things I heard over the past week. I’m not including streams and new videos from better-known bands, such as the ones that appeared from Solstafir and Heaven Shall Burn, but you can view them through those links.


As previously reported, Nashville’s Loss have a new album named Horizonless, which is due for release by Profound Lore on May 19. We finally got a taste of the new music last week through the premiere of a track named “All Grows on Tears“. Continue reading »