Nov 092020


Void & Decay is the forthcoming second album by the Canadian band Within Nostalgia from North Bay, Ontario. Since the release of the first album, the band has down-sized to become a duo, combining the talents of Alyssa Broere (Rhythm Guitar/ Bass/ Vocals/ Drum Programming) and Kye Bell (Lead Guitar/ Bass/ Drum Programming). In addition to the changed line-up, fans of the band will discover that the music has morphed as well, and as represented on the new album it resists easy classification. The song we’re premiering today (through an official video) proves that, and it also proves what powerfully good songwriters Within Nostalgia have become.

That song, “Desideratum“, closes the album in stirring fashion, and both the song and the video connect as well with the themes of the album as a whole. As the band explain, “Void and Decay portrays the two extremes; the void is the destined path of our society whereas the decay represents the result of the chaos in the world we live in. The lyrics come from a personal expression that encompasses many forms of emotion and observation as well as relating these things to nature. The inspiration comes from self-reflection and the reflection of the world around us, turning negative events and emotions into something relatable.” Continue reading »