Jan 222010

Good morning class! My, you’re all looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today! Today’s lesson is about woodpeckers.

Billy, I see your hand is up. Do you need to use the restroom or do you have a question?

Well, yes Billy, I can explain why we’re talking about “fucking woodpeckers” today instead of extreme metal — but I’ll ask you please not to use that kind of language with teacher in the future.  The reason we’re talking about woodpeckers is because I’m feeling like a real lazy-ass and was not up to preparing anything worthwhile today we sometimes take a break from discussing the wonders of extreme metal and instead discuss things that are “metal,” but aren’t music. And woodpeckers are definitely metal.

No, Billy you little shit, woodpeckers are not metal because their name includes the words “wood” and “pecker.” And I really don’t appreciate your giving me the finger. If you’ll bear with me, I’m going to explain exactly why woodpeckers are metal, and in fact I’m going to show the class a video that will surprise and astound you.

But before showing the video, I want to give you some background. And Billy, to put it in words that even you will understand, this information might actually be something you could use to impress your friends with your erudition — unless of course they’re already convinced you’re a useless fucktard and nothing you can say will make any difference. Or maybe your friends are mainly useless fucktards who aren’t interested in, or capable of comprehending, anything that doesn’t relate pretty directly to beer, weed, pizza, or sex/masturbation. (more of the lesson after the jump . . .) Continue reading »