Feb 242022


On a day many of us will remember with sadness mixed with anger, the Belarusian band Wormquizitor gives us something to remember with pleasure, from an album that’s being released through the cooperation of a Ukrainian label and a Russian one.

The name of that album is Sickness Define: Society. As its name suggests it includes songs whose themes dwell upon the maladies of our modern civilizations — domestic and social violence, drug addiction, depression, herd mentality, obsession, and impunity. It’s the work of former members of Vox Mortuis, Tryzna and Fimbulvinter, who came together in Minsk to found Wormquizitor in 2019.

The music is not neatly defined in genre terms, though black metal and thrash figure in the outcome. As demonstrated by the song we’re premiering today, the name of which (“Mad Crowd“) is also a fitting headline for the day, killer riffs, ferocious vocals, and compelling rhythms also figure in the outcome. Continue reading »