Feb 282024

(Our editor wasn’t able to compile a list of Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs from 2023, but our supporter Vizzah Harri, a resident of Hanoi, Vietnam, has stepped in to fill the void. We published Part I of his list here, and now we’re proceeding with Part II. The remaining four parts will follow in fairly short order.)

‘We live in uncertain times’ is both clichéd and antiquated. Fear has been a massive driving-force towards change and, just like anything else, conceivable change is not always good. We understand change as a constant, almost a law as such, yet we fear it and our fear of it more often than not is what drives us towards horrid acts against our fellow human beings.

And so in order to inoculate against fear (of the other), of change, of that which we do not understand, we can take cues from why some of us are so compelled to find that new riff, to experience something for the first time, for our minds not just to open, but to bend around that axis of perdition into a fused vessel. Transported into worlds hitherto unknown. Always keeping a keen ear to the ground and another filled with that which challenges and provokes, that is what keeps us, and therefore also our art, closer to our initial true intentions. Continue reading »

Sep 122019

Hour of Penance


Much as I hate to do this, I’m going to resort to the format I used last Saturday when I was similarly pressed for time — just serve up some of the new songs and videos I’d like to recommend from what I’ve encountered this week, sans verbiage from me (except in one case). I’m probably going to do the same thing tomorrow, because I have a long list of recommendations.

My shortage of time is going to persist from now through the weekend, thanks to travel, meetings, and nose-to-the-grindstone efforts required by that thing that pays all the bills around here (my fucking day job). Continue reading »

Nov 072016



In the distant future when the Tentacube invades our pitiful, beleaguered planet (by which I mean three days from now, on the other side of our ghastly election), the widely differing strands of extreme metal will be fused into a single, monstrous, throbbing tentacle groping for your pleasure centers. By which I mean that Seattle’s XOTH will release their debut album, Invasion of the Tentacube, which you will be able to hear in its entirety below.

It may be an exaggeration to claim that XOTH have fused together all of the divergent strands of metal into a single heavy chord, but it’s true that attempting to cabin this head-spinning collage of sounds within a few simple genre terms would be a fool’s errand. The part about the pleasure centers? That’s totally true. Continue reading »