Nov 012011

And here is the first of our guest posts, which will be running with greater than usual frequency over the next three weeks or so while your humble editor’s own blogging time is squeezed down to a nub. And this one comes from one of our faithful readers and commenters from Finland who introduces us to three bands, from Germany, France, and Finland (of course).

Greetings fellow low-life scum of the NCS family. I am jeimssi, the random Finnish dude who posts pointless and shitty comments on this site.

Nevertheless, I decided to give it a shot at contributing to the crÈme de la crÈme of metalblogs, and besides, you gotta help a brotha out!
As you all probably know, the Godfather, Islander has requested the readers’ aid for keeping up the flow of posts, while he goes for an ‘adventurous’ vacation in Thailand. (who am I to judge, we’ve all been there)

Now, my capability in producing bearable written text is, pretty strictly said, shit, let alone be it in English. So I’m not even going to try and come up with funny and clever depictions of the following music I’m about to introduce. Just small introductions about the bands and letting you do the analyzing yourself.

When I started to think about the possible bands I could write about, I ended up with a small problem. I wanted to do a post about bands who would be new to the readers, but my taste in music is frighteningly equal to the one that is present here in NCS, meaning that people are already familiar with many of the bands I listen to and could have written about.

Anyways, enough with the chit-chat. Show time!

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