Oct 302018


Three years ago we had the pleasure of premiering a song from Fall In Line, the debut album by the French band Zapruder, whose explosive blend of post-hardcore and mathcore adamantly refuses to fall in line. And now Zapruder are roaring back with a new self-titled album that will be released by Apathia Records on November 23rd, and once again we have a Zapruder premiere for you.

Where Fall In Line was a frequently harrowing and doom-shadowed experience, the new album is described as a remembrance of the band’s origins and a celebration of “friendship, fun, and rock ‘n’ roll”. As a further clue to what the album holds in store, it may help to know that it was recorded over 15 days that included “drinking, walking naked, and doing bodybuilding with bags filled with bottles”. But maybe a better clue is the cover art created by Chien Bleu. Continue reading »

Sep 292014


The French band Zapruder made their advent two years ago with an EP named Straight From The Horse’s Mouth, and now they’re on the verge of delivering their debut album Fall In Line. The album’s title is an exercise in irony, because Zapruder plainly aren’t falling in line and they don’t want you to either. You’ll understand what I mean as soon as you listen to “Cyclops”, one of the nine tracks from the album that we’re premiering in this post.

Listening to “Cyclops” is akin to leaping on an infernal merry-go-round that’s spinning erratically (and dangerously), with flame-eyed horses bolting up and down like pistons in an engine with a mind of its own. Dissonant squalling chords mingle with skin-melting shrieks and cavernous roars, wind-shear speed gives way to a pounding dirge, knee-capping percussion coexists with almost ethereal reverberating lead guitar eeriness.  It’s unpredictable and unrelentingly intense music.

Both violent and cloaked in an aura of doom, “Cyclops” is heavy as hell and a fascinating and harrowing ride from a band who follow their own line. Continue reading »