Apr 082013

In this post are three new things I found yesterday and this morning that I found interesting. The first is a brand new video by Norway’s Shining and the next two are new tracks released as teasers for new albums by Aborym (Italy/Norway) and Zolle (Italy).


Shining’s new album One One One is out today in Norway and will be released in North America and Europe in late May or early June, but will be available digitally beginning April 23. Today also saw the premiere of the band’s official video for “I Won’t Forget”. The sharp-edged, industrial-tinged song rocks really fuckin’ hard, and of course it includes a 21st century schizoid sax solo.

The video is also fantastic. The colors, the lighting, the editing, the headbanging, the boobs, they’re all just excellent. Watch it right after the jump. Continue reading »