Aug 262022

(Chris Luedtke, a new NCS contributor, introduces our premiere of a new video and song from Zombieshark!.)

Depending on where one has been lurking in the underground, one might have noticed that cybergrind is on the rise. But if one hasn’t heard about the genre, a brief introduction: an experimental subsection of grindcore that is no holds barred. Blasts, hyper-blasts, nintendocore, noise, djent, breakcore, metalcore, death metal, electronica, pop — the genre does not care. But it revolves around a largely harsh, digital sound. And ZOMBIESHARK! here is one of many of the skull-exploding bands hovering in this orbit.

With an output dating back to 2012, ZOMBIESHARK! has been kicking out cybergrind for awhile. The Philadelphia, PA’s one-person output (Corey Curly) has picked up considerably since 2020. Self-described as hyper-death, ZOMBIESHARK! infuses grind, deathcore, and pop through a digital blender. The result is chaotic, catchy, and brutal. And their latest track “Grim Reaper Gutters” features guest vocals from Rob Accardi of Dr. Acula from the EP Born From A Wish. Continue reading »