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SPECIAL NOTE TO BANDS: Feel free to contact us about your music. If you’re interested in having us feature or review what you’re doing, please provide a link to a place where songs can be streamed and/or e-mail us a download link for your EPs or albums.

Please be aware that we may or may not write about your music, even if you send us CDs or download links. Even if we really like what you’re doing, we just don’t have enough time to write about every band we like; the selection turns out to be pretty random. We wish it were otherwise, but that’s just the fact. So, don’t think we’re ignoring you or hate your music just because you don’t see something on the site about your band.

Also, because the process IS very random and impulsive, sometimes a couple of months may go by after you send us the music before we write about it, and sometimes you might see something the very next day (and sometimes there will be nothing at all, ever).

Happy trails.

218 Responses to “CONTACT US”

  1. Chris says:

    Galgamex is a four piece manic death metal band from Vancouver, B.C. Love to hear what you think of our new EP. Cheers!

  2. Rick says:

    Hey dudes! Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought I read somewhere this site was named in part because of Myke Terry replacing Mat in Bury Your Dead and that immediately caught my eye. BYD is quite possibly my favorite band and I was horrified when they brought Myke in. I was stoked when they brought back Mat but now it seems they just fell right off the face of the Earth. ANYWAY I got a band that just released our full album for free and we’d love for you guys to do a review of it and can even host the free link if you want. We took a lot of influence from Bury Your Dead as far as their energetic and aggressive presence and breakdown oriented structure and tried combining it with the sound of bands like First Blood, Lionheart, and Hatebreed. You can get our album here: Let us know what you think. Thanks!

  3. Steve C. says:

    What’s up, man? I may have sent you a link through the e-mail, but I can’t remember. I am in a doom band from Austin, TX called Destroyer of Light. We got some good things on the way like touring New Zealand and Australia in March, music videos, and etc. Plus, we just played with Witch Mountain and Castle! Of course we are always looking for more exposure, here is our EP on bandcamp: Check it out and see what you think. Keep up the good work. Cheers! – Steve

  4. Jaimehere says:

    SIN have posted a studio quality live performance of their new track “Emissary”

    They are the Meshuggah of the Philippines.

  5. Hie No Clean Singing,

    beyond the Styx (alternative Metal Hardcore, TOURS / FR)
    announces to you the official release of the VIDEO CLIP: “between Scylla & Charybdis”
    taken from his first EP “Sloughing off the shades” (recorded and mastered by David Potvin / DOME Studio).
    We would be grateful to support our artistic process by broadcasting our VIDEO CLIP in your website.

    Thanking you in advance for the interest that you will bring to our musical project, we inform you that we remain at your disposal for sending (physical or digital) our EP for a possible review from your services.

    Your metallically,

    beyond the Styx

    “cross the river …”

  6. borden says:

    Love seeing the love from the “Guardian” Paper. Awesome!

  7. Drew says:

    I already sent an e-mail but I discovered this comment section right after I sent it. Anyway, please take a look at my hardcore punk band Trash Face!

  8. Archon Krig says:

    New ambient/black metal from Greece

  9. Hello,
    Following there debut 2011 EP Abhorrent Evolution and Grindcore Karaoke demo Nullify the Cycle Oblivionized
    have recently finished new recordings for two upcoming split 7inches with USA deathgrind act Plague Widow
    and UK Grinders Human Cull. Which will be submitted to you for review soon, in the meantime you can view
    Oblivionized’s studio diary here:

    Oblivionized have also been confirmed for this years Obscene Extreme festival along side Napalm Death, Cryptopsy,
    Aborted and more. You can stream a brand new Oblivionzed track on the OEF site, the song will feature on there
    upcoming 7inch split with Human Cull:

    We would appreciate it if you would share this information.

    -Zac Broughton

  10. Kevin says:

    Hey Islander,

    Let us know what you think of our hodgepodge of awesome tunes!

  11. dave hood says:

    my name is dave,i lurk on you guys all the may remember me as the guy who can’t read the red links very well,a comment i tried to post which likely failed,as i suck at the internet and am an abysmal the site,thank you.i wonder if you have heard anything lately about ulver and how the app they are using has worked for others.i have burned many hours trying to buy cds direct from them,and am about at wits end.i would really like to give ‘em my money,but cant get any play.jester records’ site doesn’t seem to function seems i will have to settle for mp3s,so iwonder if the app is the way to go.
    thanks for your time, and all the tunes

    • Islander says:

      I;m afraid I don’t know anything about the Ulver app and haven’t heard anything about it either. As far as I can tell, Ulver isn’t selling anything physical at the moment — it’s all mp3 downloads from their own shop or their Bandcamp page. I did find Ulver CDs available at Amazon, but don’t know where that money goes.

      • dave says:

        thanks ,man.mp3 it is.i do hope ulver continues to create.
        BTW,i just found a van.,b.c. band called anciients you should check out.though you’ve prolly had beers with’em.

  12. hello we are looking for awesome websites such as yours to review our new album “Alive in Desolation” please let us know what you think of it, we are walking corpse syndrome and here are all the links you will need thank you for your time.

    Full album:
    Press kit:

    Walking Corpse Syndrome is a six-piece dark metal band formed in Missoula, Montana in December 2006 by guitarist Matthew Bile and drummer Nocktis.

    Mainly known for an intense live show and unconventional instrumentation, including two full drumsets and violin, the current lineup for Walking Corpse Syndrome includes Leif Winterrowd (vocals), Matthew Bile (guitar), Ryan Kromdar (guitar/bass), William Sludge (bass/violin), Nocktis (drums), and Mr. Grimm (drums).

    Walking Corpse Syndrome self-released two albums, Forsaken (2008), and Narcissist (2010), followed by regional touring in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. In November 2012, the band entered Amplified Wax studio in Spokane, Washington to record their upcoming third album, Alive in Desolation, to be released March 29, 2013.

  13. Dan C. says:

    Random Bandcamp discovery, (JHATOR):

    Just throwin it out there…

  14. JJ says:

    If you know any sick vocalists looking for work, I’ve got a doom sludge project that needs a good live vocalist, anything from Pallbearer to Disma to Deafheaven to Thou – send us a message. Thanks NCS, love the blog!

  15. Cthulhu says:

    This is my go-to place for new sounds.

    Fuck everything else, I appreciate the thoroughness, dedication and all-encompassing nature of what you do here.


    -Some drunk and fucking cold Canadian at 5 in the bloody morning.

  16. Singer for NECROSIC and ENVIRUSMENT. Here is a link to ENVIRUSMENT page. NECROSIC page coming soon

  17. Paul says:

    Hi there

    My band Boss Keloid have just released our new album ‘The Calming Influence of Teeth’ this month on Pipelord Records. I would be grateful if you could have a listen to the album and consider reviewing it for inclusion on the No Clean Singing website.

    The full album can be streamed/ downloaded on our Bandcamp site in high quality WAV -

    Our full bio can be read here –

    Also check out our latest studio video for ‘Winehorse’ –

    Boss Keloid Facebook page –

    Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards


  18. Fred says:

    Hey guys check out my band
    Melodic Death Metal from Bs As, Argentina
    We recorded the first EP last year

    EP in bandcamp:

    And here’s the facebook page:

    Enjot it!

    Cheers from South America!

  19. Synsophony says:

    Hiya Islander,

    Synsophony are an experimental project, mixing doom drone and dark ambient music. Their debut EP, out on August 13th via Acephale Winter Productions, is now available for streaming.

    Check it out on Youtube or at Reverb Nation:

    Drawing on a diversity of influences, Synsophony are not scared to betray their love of music of all types – from metal to electronica to classical – in an effort to make music that is as psychedelic as it is terrifying. Stick on your headphones, crank up the bass and volume, and enjoy!

  20. Archon says:
    This is our 2nd demo (The Waves Of Oblivion). Check it. Listen it and if you like it, you can download it for free.

  21. Yoann says:

    You should definitly check the guys from Amoeba, a french tech/death band, with bandmembers all in their early 20s.
    They already released an EP (Day in Black) a few year ago when they were around 17y.o. back then and which can be downloaded for free here:

    They just released a trailer for their upcoming album “Counterweight”, recorded at the 16th cellar studio (Hour of Penance, Fleshgop Apocalypse…) and they are currently looking for a label for this one.

    The trailer can be seen here:

  22. JJ says:

    Hi Islander, I know you’re a fan of Blood & Thunder and will probably be at the Highline Thursday but if you get a chance to wander down to the Comet earlier in the evening our new Doom/Sludge act Portents will be opening for Beneath Oblivion (who are amazing) around 9:30. I’ve been an avid reader of NCS since way before I even moved to Seattle, and would love to know what you think! If not hopefully some other time, I hate when there’s competing metal shows on the same night but at least they’re geographically close together ;p

    • Islander says:

      I’ve got your show on our Calendar page and I’m hoping I can start the night there and finish at Highline. Unfortunately I’m having to leave town for my day job tomorrow and the flight doesn’t get back to Sea-Tac until 6:30. Hope there will still be enough time to make it there before you start.

  23. SPLIFF says:

    I NEED to get in contact with Lilitu or whatever incarnation they might be. I toured with them on IEMF and think they have a shot under the right representation. I don’t know if they read this. Please, please, please get me back in touch. I’m SPLIFF from IEMF. Let them know I need their info. I’m at cliff.morris212@gmail

  24. Abiogene says:

    Just dropped our debut album today! We are young kids from Utah and California, and have been writing and producing this album for the last year. Its heavy, melodic, dark and groovy! Any review or post would be sweet, Here is a play through video of The Infinity Puzzle and and url to our band camp where the album can be downloaded for free!

  25. JP says:

    Political Sludge from Tulsa, OK.

  26. Brendan says:

    Hey Islander,

    My friend and I just released our debut album. Give it an e-spin!

  27. Juan Pablo says:

    Hello one question how I would send you material to review?

  28. Phil says:

    4 piece math metal from STL, current bass player also in your recently reviewed Black Fast. Former bassist now playing with Baroness. Would love for ya to check it out!

  29. Benjamin Miles says:

    if you had your logo on a tee shirt
    i would buy it
    and i would wear it

  30. HI people!!!please,hear this bands from Spain:Obsidian Kingdom,Horn of Rhino,Ortodox;Adrift,Toundra;Continuo renacer,Haemorrage…..and many more.
    thanks and greetings!!!

  31. Pyrestarter says:

    Greeting Islander and everyone else

    Just uploaded a preview track from the Pyrestarter debut album. Symphonic Black Metal, Strictly no clean singing! Please share your thoughts… \m/

  32. Miranda Roelofs says:

    Hello Islander,

    Here is Miranda, singer of the Impaler, thrash metalband from Holland
    Last month we released our first EP – First strike.
    Let me hear what you think! :)
    Stay metal,


  33. Greetings !
    Unholy Death Metal from the tiny little red dot, Singapore.
    Check out our new full-length album ‘Shayateen’ .
    Recorded at Inversions Studio & mastered by Colin Davis.

    Spreading the infernal plagues since 1991.
    Cheers !

  34. T’was the year 2008, when a nameless death metal band was founded. Years went by and many musicians tried their luck without success, until 2012 the band now called Cauldron of Hate ended up with its final members:

    Matti “Murder” Santavuori - Bass, growl
    Jaakko “Exhaust” Santavuori - Solo guitar, growl
    Antti “Chemist” Kemppainen - Drums
    Mikko “Organ(ic) Butcher” Kemppainen - Rhythm guitar, backing vocals

    As time went by the band developed its musical genre from thrash/death metal into VERY aggressive technical death metal.
    The band started gigging in may 2013, when we literally filled the stage (3×3 meters or 9×9 foot) at Horror-Shop, Helsinki, which both members of the audience liked. In june of the same year
    we blew open some heads in mini- TUSKA festival (=PAIN / AGONY / TORTURE) by playing a gig in Horror-Shop with the indonesian grindcore band NOXA.

    After the first demo (Cauldron of Hate – Demo(n) 2013) we decided to pay a little bit more than a case of beer for studio, so in september 2013 we went to D-Studio in klaukkala, finland to have a
    crazed-out, all-in drinking contest. We also made a badass EP-album:

    Inquisition (EP) includes three (3) aggressive, instrument ramming blasts:

    1. Inquisition
    2. Crematory ritual
    3. Suffer under my Reign

    We will continue to rip entrails, torture eardrums, spread misery and chaos in the future. Resistance is futile.

  35. Brian says:

    Hey guys, I’ve got this melodic death metal band that just finished recording an album. We’re looking at options for putting it out and I wanted to see if anyone here knows someone with a label looking for badass death metal. I can email you more songs than the ones that are at our bandcamp link there.

  36. Brian says:

    Just wanted to let you guys know that all of your albums have been awesome and I don’t understand why you guys aren’t at the top of the charts. I have been a fan for many years now and I thought that the album fundamental component is one of the best metal albums around, look forward to hearing the new album.

  37. Epic Black Metal from Tampa, FL.
    We just release our debut full length in our Bandcamp page. Hammerun: Monarch of Serpents.
    Visit our Facebook page:

  38. Abe says:

    Check out the “AIN SOPH AUR” full length on Belief Mower Bandcamp by LAUGHTER. Featuring members of Rye Wolves and Sub Rosa, Dwellers. Recorded by Andy Patterson and mastered by Bob Weston. Limited tapes available at

  39. Joey says:


  40. A Total Wall says:

    Hello, we are a djent/groove metal band from Italy. We’ve just released our third EP called “Soundtrack for your Honeymoon”. It would be great if you can listen to it and maybe write down a review. Here you have some links:


  41. Zach says:

    Hey guys, we are an atmospheric/post black metal band from Milwaukee, WI called Arbor. We just self-released our second full length, which is a double album titled, ‘Echoes Over Oceans.’ We would really appreciate if you could give us a listen and possibly a review.

    Thanks guys

  42. Keith Panich says:

    I play guitar in a band called “The Adventures of Bear Grylls” and I really enjoy your site. I was wondering if you would be interested in writing a review for my band. The links are below along with a free download. I hope you like it. This would help us out greatly! We have a 15 year old singer too :)



    FREE MUSIC!! Brand new EP “Cavernous Isolation”
    bandcamp full EP free download:

  43. Good Morning!

    Greetings Islander and many congrats for your site and the emergence of the underground music scene! We are Enochian Cross, Extreme Metal (unsigned) band from Greece, Athens, new band on the field and recently we released our first single / video clip which you can listen,,
    We would like to ask you if there is any possibility of viewing, review or interview …

    For everything you need at your disposal!
    Thank you very much for your time and attention!
    (Emai: , fb:

    Enochian Cross

  44. Montara Mike says:

    Underground Metal Compilation Album Volume 1 available for free download.

  45. Steve Cowan says:

    Hey! My metal project ‘Galleiria’ has just released its 3rd EP. It would be awesome if you could have a listen and, if time permits, perhaps comment on whether you like it or not.

    Thanks, everyone.

  46. Louis says:

    Do you guys want to review my newest CD?
    THE FUROR- IMPENDING REVELATION. Black/Death destruction from Western Australia!
    See the link for samples.
    I can send a promo copy if needed?



  47. Louis says:

    Do you guys want to review my newest CD?
    THE FUROR- IMPENDING REVELATION. Black/Death destruction from Western Australia!
    See the link for samples.
    I can send a promo copy if needed?



  48. Labryse says:

    Forged within the shadowy depths of Northeast Portland basements, Labryse emerged in 2012 to bring forth metal unto the land. A band comprised of all queer and female musician their music mixes various elements of thrash, melodic and black metal, with a touch of hardcore. Comprised of lead guitarist Ash Juno Inferna (CatHole, Pasties and Paddles), guitarist/vocalist Juanes Collazo, bassist Kelly Duncan and drummer/vocalist Kat Endgame (Dear Sirs, Fight the Ground), Labryse fights to transform the demons which lurk in forgotten corners of the soul, into sound and fury.

    Check out Labryse’s new EP “Awaken the Sleeper: RoughCuts” released in support of their Indegogo Campaign here:

  49. Mike.Lusca says:


    surprise, another unsigned band sending you links!

    I won’t bother you with loads of useless info. LUSCA is a band from Germany that has been around for 10 years, features two people with bass guitars and a drum machine and if you don’t like Godflesh and/or Neurosis you can stop reading here.

    The above link features our latest 2011 effort Exodus, but a new one is almost finished. So this is as gooda time as any to do some advertising. Give the first few tracks a spin and if you like what we do get in touch. I’ll be happy to send you shirts, CDs, info or any other material that is helpful for a review.

    I hope I don’t take up too much of your time! NCS is a good site and I enjoy your reviews a lot.


  50. Jonathan says:

    hey!!! Im from Venezuela, im leaving you the link to this death metal band ¨SULLEN¨ im the guitarist, fell free to do any review or share in any place you want

  51. protein says:

    Metal does not have enough humor in it. I want to change that.

  52. Cindy says:

    Love NCS great zite just found it!

  53. Tomer says:

    Please check this great band.

  54. Pat says:

    The Misanthrope Monarch debut MCD is out now, featuring Mike Smith (Ex-Suffocation) on drums. If you’re an extreme metal freak, this is your destruction of choice. Just follow the links:

  55. Dylan says:

    Ashes of Existence-Bellingham Washington

    We released our first EP “Declination” yesterday while opening for As Blood Runs Black in Seattle!

    Directly to EP:

    And our website (still in progress, but all links and functions work great).


  56. WICKED WORLD says:

    2014 Demo, an intro and two tracks of an interesting fusion of death metal, hardcore, metalcore, and nu metal.

    FFO: Legions, No Zodiac, Kublai Khan, Skinless, American Me

  57. Azmodae says:

    check out my BM band, Achral Necrosis’ latest music here:

  58. 3xvi says:

    Dear Islander,
    in the latest instalment of your great Listmania series (i.e. A YEAR-END LIST FROM PATRICK BRUSS (CRYPTICUS)), there are no links to the pieces your guest is discussing (that’d probably help lazy users of your site appreciate his choices more) – any chance of putting the links back?
    Thanks for your time reading this.

  59. The Jordanian Melodic Black Metal Band TEARS OF REGRET has posted New Official Song From The Upcoming Album ” The Darkness Prophecy 2015 “Song Called Time Ignorant, The lyrics are focused on Ancient history, darkness, revenge and many other issues

    or soundcloud

    band facebook :

    thank you

  60. Melodic death/gothic metal from Athens Greece

  61. eric johnson says:

    Check out Disciples of Dissent from Seattle, Washington

    6 song demo:

    Recorded at Studio seven with John Winters (I Declare War)


  62. Fredrik says:

    Old-school black metal from the north of norway!

  63. Death metal rooted in the 90′s tradition (Monstrosity, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse):


  64. jonathan says:

    HI! you remember Sullen??? death metal from venezuela, you wrote an excellent review the band for the release of the EP 2014, thanks for that, now I leave a new Sullen single 2015 !, I hope you enjoy it.

  65. Kevin says:

    Greetings to all!

    Great site! Something new from Estonian Progressive Death Metal Group PAEAN. Debut album “Scorn of Eternity”

    PAEAN is an Estonian Progressive Death Metal group that lyrically mixes together existentialistic, psychoanalytical and mythological narratives, where the conceptual fictions are accompanied by massive, complex and yet atmospheric diversity of extreme metal soundscapes.

    All the best and keep this site awesome as it is!

  66. qip says:

    Check my project qip.

    A mixture of soundscapes, industrial, death and doom metal.
    All the best.

  67. Hi, we are Retrace My Fragments, a Progressive Death Metal Band from Luxembourg.

    Here a track of our last LP

    and a lyric Video :

    You can listen to our entire LP Album “ETHEREAL FLUX” for free on spotify

    More infos and links @

    We can send a physical copy of our album to anyone interested. Just get in touch with us

    Thank you for your time

  68. Trevor Eulau says:

    Hi, I have an atmospheric black metal project called black tears. The first EP is out, and I would love to hear what you think!

  69. Nick Bergere says:

    Hey it’d mean a lot if you checked this out! Thanks.

    THUG is a progressive metal core band from South Florida, hailing from the same area as bands such as Traitors, Adaliah, and We the Kings.

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