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SPECIAL NOTE TO BANDS: Feel free to contact us about your music. If you’re interested in having us feature or review what you’re doing, please provide a link to a place where songs can be streamed and/or e-mail us a download link for your EPs or albums.

Please be aware that we may or may not write about your music, even if you send us CDs or download links. Even if we really like what you’re doing, we just don’t have enough time to write about every band we like; the selection turns out to be pretty random. We wish it were otherwise, but that’s just the fact. So, don’t think we’re ignoring you or hate your music just because you don’t see something on the site about your band.

Also, because the process IS very random and impulsive, sometimes a couple of months may go by after you send us the music before we write about it, and sometimes you might see something the very next day (and sometimes there will be nothing at all, ever).

Happy trails.

269 Responses to “CONTACT US”

  1. JB says:

    got an email from bandcamp yesterday, release from Agonia records, French black metal band called VI. Have released one single, and it destroys. Here’s the link

  2. hey guys how are ya? my name is Robson, and i’m from Brazil. I play in a thrash metal band called Toxic Carnage and i’m wondering if you guys could give a listen on our new split cd with the Mexican Band called Merciless Disaster. if you want, you can download the whole split in this link (no viruses, this is a clean link)

    or you can stream the full split on Band camp

    thanks a lot and Cheers from Brazil my friends!

  3. annette. says:

    I want tictket to the n.w. tour.on the, in Portland,or.

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  5. _jo. says:

    Check out Bereavment (Sublime Death Metal from Austria).

  6. Benjamin says:

    Just want you to know that is here also. 😉 leading in metal news.

  7. John Swazz says:

    YLAB (pronounced WHY-lab) is a thrashy four piece from Wisconsin. Although not exclusively non-clean singing, we employ a variety of influences to create a smorgasbord of metal, from the buffet table. Brothers Corey (drums) and Shawn (guitars and vocals), along with Rappe (bass) and Swazz (guitars) meld crazy riffs with memorable melodies. With Punk beats and Black Metal style tremolo picking juxtaposed against inverted chords and guttural growls to shrieking screams, there are plenty of hooks in our tackle box.

  8. Nico says:

    Full streaming of our new (second) album “Glaaki”:

    (only the title-track seems to miss a fraction of a second in the beginning, this is not the case on the cd btw.)

    Official videoclip of the title-track:

    For additional info on the band (contact, artwork, logo etc.):


  9. DaNasher says:

    Hey my friends. Just wondering if you have heard the New Antlion yet. They just released their new cd and it kicks ass! check it if you haven’t @

  10. John says:


    John from Pigskinner here. I just wanted to share my music with you. I’d appreciate it if you could find the time to review or just listen to my music. Pigskinner is a one man grindcore band from Athens, Greece. You can find a 3 track promo at my bandcamp page for free streaming/download, as well as my debut album which was recently self released. Sorry for the lack of physical copies but it is due to lack of funds since this is a self financed release. Thanks a lot for your time.



  11. FATE WEAVER says:

    Greetings, we are Fate Weaver a melodic death band from Athens , Greece. We are requesting a review of our debut EP .
    Full stream can be found in :

    Youtube :
    BandCamp :
    SoundCloud :
    Facebook :

  12. VortexOmnivium says:

    Yeehaa, new Obscura album is coming in Feb 2016! You gonna post something about that here, pleeeease? 🙂

    Preorder is also possible already (either through Bandcamp / Relapse Records or on their official site; the latter would be more convenient for Europeans). First 500 CD releases will have a bonus track, too!
    Moar info:

    And by the way, thanks again for the awesome job you’re all doing on this website – I would’ve missed a lot of great music if it weren’t for NCS.

    PS: I’m not Obscura, I’m just a fan. And now I will fap to these news again 😉

  13. OBR says:

    Hey guys, I have a link from Metal Bandcamp with a post from today that I thought you might enjoy. I don’t know if this is okay to do, but It’s a killer track. I checked out their bandcamp as well.


  14. Salarda says:

    Servorum – Atramentous (Philippines) Now available for download



    You can check it out on the links below:

  15. Morbid Rob says:

    Where can I send a cd?

  16. Ati scris foarte frumos despre NO CLEAN SINGING CONTACT US

  17. Asbest says:


    Finally the new EP-cassette from MANIFESTOR is available. “Calcaneal tendon pendulum” 5-track pro-printed cassette limited to 300 copies. You will recognize the style from the previous cassette “Old monster” but on the new one we have added some more of the grindcore-vibe and also a bit more of a black metal-feel. Still I think the the closest references is Aura noir, Nifelheim, Absu, Destroyer 666 and underground gods like Throneum, Nokturnel and Anal vomit.

    We are forever thankful if you would like to review the new EP

    // Asbest of MANIFESTOR

  18. Jankes says:

    Jankes from polish death metal Dead Conception here. Please check out our EP “Rebirth Painted Death”.


    Jankes \m/

  19. like deathh metal?check us out ,were a death metal band from milwaukee,wis

  20. Greg DM3 says:

    The Purity of Hatred


    Graveyard Machine

    Been really digging most of the content you guys post, So i figure I’ll put these here and let you guys check them out. I hope everyone likes them.. Thanks.

  21. Robin says:

    Hey No Clean singing!

    Thank you for a great Facebook Page, including many brutal bands, dedicated to good music!

    We are Morbid Spawn, a Swedish Death Metal Band.

    We are currently recording our full length Free Digital Download album, with an estimated release this year.
    We have a new song up from our upcoming album on youtube, and only wondering if you wanna Promote/Review it?
    It would be an honor since we are relative new on the Death Metal scene.

    The album will be influenced by early stuff like; Asphyx, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation and Deicide.

    Take care and keep it pure!

    Robin Svensson (member of Morbid Spawn).

    Here is a Link to the song on Youtube:

    And one to our Webpage:

  22. Morris i Motljus is an instrumental one man band from the island of Gotland in the middle of the Baltic sea. Morris i Motljus delivers a mix of apocalyptic post-rock and neo classical music. A cinematic sound with a wide spectra of both bombastic parts and quiet melodies gives the listener a floating atmospheric experience.

  23. DWAAL we are from oslo norway and no clean singing due to the fact that i find it repulsive, embarrassing and overrated.. Keep up the good work Cheer’s

  24. R says:

    I live in Canada, 30mins outside Toronto, so going to local show in Sacramento to try and find an album of Journal.

    do they have any releases and if so where would I find them?
    I realize this posting is from 3 years ago, but its worth a shot.

  25. Keep up the good work guys. We have a metal show on called Tuesday Metal Mayhem. All forms of extreme metal are covered (or at least tries to be covered) and we’re always seeking out bands to play. Drop a line on the FB page, we also post past shows.

  26. Alan Louis says:

    Good day,

    Please forward my contact details to your IT department or webmaster.
    I have visited your website and wanted to share with you our free SEO articles and website security tools. They are available here:

    Thank you,


  27. Ruit says:


    Not sure if this is the place to post this, but didn’t know where else to send it. I know you’ve had a few posts about the band Himsa. Just found out that apparently they will be playing a show October 29 at El Corazon in Seattle. I haven’t seen this posted anywhere, so thought it would be cool if you guys posted something about it. Not associated with the band, just a fan. Thanks!

  28. Kolan says:

    Check this great black metal act from Poland

  29. MAtt says:

    Hell Patrol act from Poland has released their début album. Mix of black/thrash/death metal. Feel free to check it out.

  30. Morte says:

    We are a death metal band from Argentina. We play old school death metal in the vein of Entombed, Dismember, God Macabre, Asphyx, Autopsy. With some doom metal influences from stuff like early My Dying Bride, early Cathedral, Decomposed.
    Here is our debut EP released recently this year:
    I hope you enjoy it!

  31. rc says:

    Any chance of an autogenerated Twitter feed?

  32. PxLx says:

    Hey Islander ,

    We are Perforated Limb, a brutal death metal band from Bangalore, India. We have released our debut MCD last month on Bizarre Leprous Production (Czech Republic) titled “Genocide of the Righteous” in the vein of old Deeds of Flesh, Dying Fetus, Gorgasm, Human Filleted etc, and wondering if you could review or feature it on your site.

    Bandcamp Page :
    Facebook Page :
    E-mail :

    Thanks for your time !

    Perforated Limb

  33. Conspirator Ov Skjult says:

    Hail from Cuba. Skjult is a One Man Act playing black metal. The debut album has 3 editions (CD-R Cvlminis Records and Satanarsa Records from Russia and a Pro-tape with Old Spirit Productions from Germany) so far and maybe you are interested in make a review.

    Cvlminis Records Bandcamp:
    Facebook page:

    Cheers from Cuba

  34. Les says:

    Would love if you could review our EP
    HEAVY COUGHIN is a 2 piece hard rock/doom/stoner band out of Camden City NJ
    We are made up of bass/drums/vocals.
    We have been told we sound lile a lb. of weed.

  35. Les s says:

    Would love if you could review our EP
    HEAVY COUGHIN is a 2 piece hard rock/doom/stoner band out of Camden City NJ
    We are made up of bass/drums/vocals.
    We have been told we sound lile a lb. of weed.

  36. kimmy says:

    Greatings from Indonesi,
    Would be greatful if u could review this band,Hellhound,death metal from Malang-jawa timur,Indonesia.formed in 2012.
    Check out their teaser on youtube ‘teaser Hellhound’ from their new album(2nd album)
    Will u look into it?.i’ll be looking forward for your review.Thanks.

  37. Hi!

    My band released an album you can download for free. It’s prog/death/thrash.

    I’m fairly confident you guys will like it 🙂
    It’s pretty groovy, loads of mid paced heavy as hell riffs, odd time changes, blasty bits as well as some post metal curveballs later on in the album. Loads of twists and turns and epic crescendos.
    Vocals are a bit carcass-like, professional production and I think it’s pretty unique.

    Download it here, and I can send you a presspack we put together too if you’re interested,

  38. Vincent Failla says:

    Hello here Vincent from Onirik (ITA) death metal band. This is our debut album “Ab Initio”

  39. Vincent Failla says:

    Hello here Vincent from Onirik (ITA). We are proud to share our debut album “Ab Initio” from The Spew Rec.

  40. Tim says:

    Is there any chance you guys could perhaps add some indications of what style/genre etc the band’s you feature are? I’m a fan of the site but I normally wade through endless waves of ‘black metal’ that holds zero interest to me. Invariably just as I’m about to write off the site, I’ll stumble across a gem. Something unique and distinctive. BUT…it’s kinda pot luck.

    It would be great to have some kind of hint as to what to expect ‘at a glance’.


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