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SPECIAL NOTE TO BANDS: Feel free to contact us about your music. If you’re interested in having us feature or review what you’re doing, please provide a link to a place where songs can be streamed and a download link for your EPs or albums. Please do NOT just send us a download link without also giving us a link to a place where at least something from the release can be streamed. It takes too long and too much hard-drive space to download everything before we get a chance to sample the music and get an idea whether it’s something we might want to recommend to others.

Please be aware that we may or may not write about your music, even if you send us CDs or download links. Even if we really like what you’re doing, we just don’t have enough time to write about every band we like; the selection turns out to be pretty random. We wish it were otherwise, but that’s just the fact. So, don’t think we’re ignoring you or hate your music just because you don’t see something on the site about your band.

Also, because the process IS very random and impulsive, sometimes a couple of months may go by after you send us the music before we write about it, and sometimes you might see something the very next day (and sometimes there will be nothing at all, ever).

Please also be aware that in most instances we will not answer your e-mails. It’s not that we think we’re too important to be courteous, but we get literally hundreds of e-mails a day, and if we responded to all of them, there wouldn’t be enough time left to create new posts for this blog every day.

Happy trails.

301 Responses to “CONTACT US”

  1. pinion says:

    Thought you lot would really appreciate Errata, one of Australia’s best (and only?) jazzcore bands:

  2. deaths_embrace says:

    I did a quick search and didn’t see anything on Facebreaker. IMHO, a great death metal band from Sweden. Plus all the songs on their last album are about zombies. You migh want to give them a listen.

  3. Andy Synn says:

    Hello, i’ve been meaning to recommend these guys and get them a bit more press and acknowledgement for a while.

    Martriden –

    Melodic/proggy black metal band. American. Self-controlled and self-released. Great first EP and two awesome albums.

  4. Elvis Shot JFK says:

    *cracks knuckles*

    I think I’m gonna like it here, even if my tastes don’t quite align with NCS’s aim, at least not as strictly. But so far, so good. I may have to dig through my collection and pass some names your way one of these days, as if you didn’t have enough to do/listen to.

    • Islander says:

      Thank you again for spending so much of your time wading through our posts! And i would definitely encourage you to pass some names our way. I will find more time. In fact, I think I’m sleeping too much as it is.

  5. I dig this blog, Wanna trade links!.

  6. Leighton says:

    Hey man. just wanted to ask you something.
    Do get much spam?
    Cause I’m getting flooded with the shit!

    Comments like. This is a really terrific blog, your knowledge on the topic is very informative, I will be subscribing to your feed.

    That covers nearly all my comments.

    Just curious that’s all. Cheers!

  7. Islander says:

    No man, I don’t get anything like that. I do see some strange registrations — people with e-mail addresses that look like they’e part of internet commerce sites, but I have no idea how that would help them get addresses for other people who register here. That’s all private.

    • Leighton says:


      I moderate all my comments and I’m getting between 10 and 20 a day.
      Think I might try one of those captcha test things and see how that goes.

      Cheers man. Catchya Later.

      • Islander says:

        Well, let me know what you find. I barely know enough about technology to put this blog together and could use some insights. It would kill me to think I’ve exposed legitimate readers to a bunch of spam bullshit, and I would take steps to stop it if I knew it was a problem and could figure out the fix.

  8. Bryan says:

    My friend’s band Cloned Moor Solares is one of the coolest mathcore/prog bands I’ve heard in a while, they are about to release their debut EP soon, I think you guys might dig it

  9. James Delesio says:

    Hey guys. My friends band Unstable is dropping there EP “Roaming Through Chaos” in 15 days. To support the release they need some reviews and some listens. There right up your guys alley, they just didn’t know how to ask about getting a review. Thank you./

  10. Leighton says:

    Hey man! It’s been awhile!

    Just letting you know that my blog. (Metal For All) has crashed!

    So you have a dead link in your blog roll!


  11. Leighton says:


    I noticed that you don’t have a share button for Facebook and Twitter, etc.

    If you want one here’s a some

    It’s easy to add! like a you tube video.

  12. Sage says:

    You should really check out the band Age of Nefilim from Spokane Washington. Here is a link to their myspace.

  13. Caleb says:

    I want to hear your guy’s opinion on DAATH and their new album.

  14. Me XXX says:

    Hey Man,

    My name’s Mat. I used to sing for Bury Your Dead. I’m flattered by your page here and I’m glad you like heavy music. If there’s anything I can do to help generate some buzz around your sight, let me know. Keep your standards high and your vocals low.

    Looking Forward,

    *Mat XXX

  15. Raul Garcia says:

    Hi there! I was searching for some metal blogs on google, and I found yours, I loved it! And I wish you could make a review of our first EP. We are RANDOM, an Extreme/Prog Metal band from Tucuman – Argentina, we’re really interested in knowing what do people think about our music, especially people from other countries.
    – Ocultar texto citado –

    So, you can download for free/listen online our music at any of these pages:

    We hope that you could hear us and of course like RANDOM…

    (Sorry about my terrible English)

    Greetings from Argentina!!

    • Islander says:

      Thanks for the kind words Raul, and of course we’d be happy to listen to your EP. We’ll let you know when we get something written. All the best to you and the band.

  16. Brett says:

    hey man,
    big fan of your site! always awesome to find a site promoting underground music
    i play guitar in a band called The Rabid Terror, melodic death metal from sydney, australia
    would love it if you could check out and possibly review our stuff, would be great to get some feedback!!
    cheers mate, hope u like it

  17. Hey man nice blog… I was just surfing the net, when I came across this site… this is the first time I am here. But I noticed, that many others was recommending their own or other great metal bands, and I just felt like doing the same… \m/

    Death Comes Pale from Denmark.

    New E-card available at

    And feel free to visit: and!/pages/Death-Comes-Pale/205960029561


  18. Jaimehere says:

    since you have your doses of deathcore here i have a recommendation

    discovered this today, band sounds like a mix between August Burns Red and Circle Of Contempt

  19. Jaimehere says:

    Matt Bruso performing Chrono with The Ghost Inside

    good to see him finally performing live again

  20. Ray says:

    Hey thought you might like the Haemic demo

    It’s one of my projects. I’m a 15 year old guitarist from Taiwan, you can see a little bit of my work on my youtube channel.

  21. Jaimehere says:

    First time to ever watch SIN live a few hours ago, too bad they were short of a guitarist, they were already heavy, raw and technical as it is imagine if they were complete haha

    oh and here is a metalcore band for anyone that digs August Burns Red

    finally bought their album yesterday, good stuff, they are also under Tower Of Doom whose roster includes Bloodshedd and SIN

  22. snake jesus says:

    Would love for you to give my band a listen. My friends and I play in a noisy band called Snake Baptist. Not sure what to call it other than a modern interpretation of screamo from the late 90s-early 2000s. If you’re a fan of the vocals from sawtooth grin or cloacal kiss, then you’ll enjoy them since it’s the same fellow doing them. We just released our first EP. We did ourselves and would love any feedback you’d like to provide on it. Enjoy.

    1 – The Humorist
    2 – Stigmata Fangs
    3 – Living Jaws of Life
    4 – I Drink Your Milkshake
    5 – Winged Voorhees
    6 – Ahab

  23. Brad says:

    Hey, guys. I just read your review of the new, and long overdue, Disfiguring the Goddess album.

    It would be an honor to hear what you have to say about my band.

  24. If you have a moment, check out my band Love On The Lips of a Whore. We’re writing a new album titled “Liars & Cheaters” out late this year!

  25. leroydragon says:

    hey dude – from one islander to another – can you add to your blogroll!!! awesome site, one of the best, definitely one of the more informative out there – thanks!

  26. byrd36 says:

    Have you been in contact with anyone from TNOB? They’ve been down for two days.

    • Islander says:

      Yes, I have, though the people I’ve been communicating with aren’t 100% sure what’s happening. As best i can tell, the web host service they use — Convelocity — is itself down across the board. If you visit, you’ll see a message which implies to me that they just rent their servers from another company and either aren’t paying their own bills or have some other problem. I’m guessing that TNOTB is going to have to find a new web host and try to re-load a back-up copy of their whole site.

      • byrd36 says:

        Well, that sucks. I hope they get it worked out and don’t lose any of their work.

        Thanks for the info, I figured you’d know the score 😉

  27. jeimssi says:

    So i’ve been following NCS for quite awhile now and i’d like to take a shot at giving something back to you guys:

    Founded 2009. Released two EPs so far.

  28. Chimpface says:


    You should really check out Down Royale! They just released an ep. So heavy!

  29. Joe Ratcliffe says:


    I see you guys reviewed the visitor album. They are kick arse chack out the other bands they play manchester with, including the mighty Incidium who are a finalist in this years battle for bloodstock!

  30. JazzTimes says:

    JazzTimes, America’s Jazz Magazine, recently posted on its website a piece you might be interested in telling your readers about. It’s a lengthy feature on the history of the jazz-metal connection, with input from Tony Iommi, Robert Trujillo, Alex Skolnick, John Zorn, Henry Rollins, Page Hamilton and more. Check it out:


  31. Hey Check out South African Melodic Blackened metal band CROW BLACK SKY.

  32. Raven Stead says:

    If you like old school black metal then I think you’ll love the refreshing strength of my friends from Norway in Blodsgard. Check them out at

    On YouTube, feast on some of this: (Mentalt Minefelt) (Sjeler Vil Brenne) (Hagalls Sirkel)

    Their foray into DSBM (some CS but freakn EPIC! imo): (Mitt Blod Flyter – Svart Eksistens)


  33. V says:

    would like for yous to check out my band, we are extreme satanic black metal act “Morgh”… (all music / album is posted)

    V ~

  34. Cleferson says:

    You should check out this band, they’ve just released their first album and it’s fucking amazing!!

    You can hear the full album on their website.

  35. Josh says:

    Hey guys. I’m Josh from Stealing Axion, a progressive metal band based out of Tacoma, WA. I’ve seen your reviews pop up a few times on our friend’s bands facebook pages. (Odyssey, Textures, etc.) Noticed that you guys are based out of the Seattle area, so I figured I should send you guys our EP and maybe you could check it out.

    You can hear the EP at

    If you guys review it, I’d love to get an email letting us know so we can promote it online and get some viewers over to your site as well.

    Thanks in advance guys,


  36. jake miner says:

    we put a band together and are geting pretty brutal i would really like to play with you guys one day just cause your my favorite band and no mother fucker is on your level i wanna get there

  37. MrFuNpAnTs says:

    Are you guys hiring for collaborators? I’ve listened to death metal my whole life, and have been looking for a website like this since I can’t even remember. I know its a shot in the dark but it would be an honor for me if I was allowed to be able to be a part of something this bad ass. If it makes any difference Ive got an IT degree, I’ve worked at a metal venue in Arizona for a couple of years (The Clubhouse, Tempe) and I have researched death metal most of my life. I have met and chilled with many different metal bands (Sepultura, Fear Factory, Neuraxis, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Nile, Deicide, The Absence, Ensephirum, D.R.I, Fintroll, Decrepit Birth, Watain, Gwar, Carnifex, Vital Remains and countless others). I am serious as a Heart Attack and have memorabilia to prove it.
    Death Metal is my LIFE. Please email me and Hire My ASS!

  38. MrFuNpAnTs says:


  39. Andrew says:

    There’s an Atmospheric Prog / Death Metal band From Thessaloniki, Greece called DUSTYNATION. they have a Self-financed album entitled “Echoing Lullabies”…check them out!!!

    Download “Echoing Lullabies” here:

  40. Ville says:

    Just wanted to share how awesome Finland once again is. We had a news about the plane crash in Poland in our yellow press. Catch is that members of Decapitated were abroad that plain and the story is mostly about them


    You’re my favorite blog. :3

  42. Richard Dale says:

    Hey, check out Descendant; melodic death metal group from Denton, TX who just released their self-titled, self-recorded and self-produced debut album. Enjoy!

  43. peepeeinurmomsbunghole says:

    This has to be one of the most ridiculous sites for metal I’ve ever encountered. Not only is the name lame, it’s contradictory to posts on the site. If I made a site to help shed light on people who had cancer yet wrote stories about people who had caner and Parkinson’s and called it Caner Patients Only… what would people think? They would think that I’m a dumb-ass. Take it for what it’s worth…. and please just because some over spoken, two faced guy, who plays guitar in a band that’s been around over a decade because he exploits people and sucks off the tit of others, doesn’t mean his opinion is worth the shit that comes out of his facehole. There is a reason The Binary Code isn’t liked in it’s own home state and it’s not because the scene is dead, it’s because the founder is a sorry prick. Ask around… I mean why couldn’t a high traffic site lift his band off the ground? Because his ass is too fat and he is a backstabbing fuck. Take a look at some of the other bands that have gained exposure through MS…. they’re getting tours. Take a look at who isn’t… Unfortunately, some Jews don’t quit.

  44. Sithu Aye says:

    Hey guys, my name is Sithu and I’m a 21 year old guitarist based in Scotland. I released my album ‘Cassini’ a couple of months ago and while I’ve pedaled it already on facebook., heavyblogisheavy among other sites, it would be tremondously cool if you guys could do a review or post about it on your website. I would say the style of the album is instrumental progressive metal, with elements of ‘djent’ in it and it’s up for free download on my bandcamp.


  45. Adam Ferrier says:

    Hey guys, I’m Adam from the band Auric from Fayetteville, AR. We play a blend of sludge/black/death metal. We recently released a 4 song EP, and are looking for feedback/exposure. We would really appreciate a review! You can stream it or download it for free at our bandcamp page:


  46. Richard Dale says:

    Hey! Check out my band Descendant out of Denton, TX. We just released our self-recorded, self-produced debut album. Would be awesome if yall checked it out!

  47. Alex says:

    Hey would you mind checking out my project, its fairly new but so far its been getting some great hits.

    I’ve done everything myself and i have featured guest artists on every track. Even have a track with Benjamin Ellis of Bloodshot Dawn.

    Check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

  48. Kristoffer says:

    Hiya, I’m Kristoffer from the band dEMOTIONAL from Gothenburg, Sweden. We recently released a 4 song EP, and are looking for feedback & exposure.
    It would be really awsome if you could review it!
    You can stream it or download it for free at our soundcloud page:

    Also feel free to watch our new musicvideo:

    Best regards
    Kristoffer, dEMOTIONAL

  49. MaxR says:

    I am the lead banjo player of The Amazing Clean Singers, a blackened country core band from Dybbøl Mølle, Denmark. Pls check out our BAND !ll1l?1!

  50. Hels says:

    Hello good sirs!! May I present to you my band InComa for your listening pleasure??

    We are a 5-piece metal band based in Reading, UK and our music has been described as a blend of influences of US Southern Metal & Scandinavian Death Metal.

    We also feature an amatuer Mexican Comedian 😉

    Hels xx

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