Feb 152010

We had to look deeply into our official extreme music blog Thesaurus to find the right words for our reaction to the report we just saw about a new tour. “Awesome” was just too trite. “Stupifying” was too understated. And then there were those two words that just perfectly captured our feelings. Yep — HOLY SHIT!

Get your battle axes and fur pelts out of storage, strap on your drinking horns, and send the women, children, and livestock into the hills.  The Norsemen are coming!


The tour dates and places?  See below. But what really counts is they’re stopping in Seattle! (in addition to some other perfectly decent cities)

4/8 Los Angeles, CA @ House Of Blues
4/9 San Francisco, CA @ The Regency Ballroom w/ Fear Factory
4/10 Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater
4/11 Seattle, WA @ Showbox
4/12 Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw
4/14 Calgary, AB @ MacEwan Hall
4/15 Edmonton, AB @ EEC
4/16 Saskatoon, SK @ The Odeon
4/17 Winnipeg, MB @ The Garrick
4/18 Minneapolis, MD @ Station 4
4/19 Chicago, IL @ Logan Square
4/21 Toronto, ON @ Opera House
4/22 Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
4/23 Quebec City, QC @ Imperial Theatre
4/24 Worcester, MA @ Palladium (New England Metal and Hardcore Festival)
4/25 New York, NY @ Fillmore at Irving Plaza

  2 Responses to “HOLY SHIT!”

  1. It’s a two-day thing here in MA, with Cannibal Corpse and Skeletonwitch (and a bunch of hxc bands, I will personally be tearing apart anyone who hxc dances in the metal pits).

    Will likely just go on Saturday and skip Mastodon & the hardcore brigade. I’m pretty psyched for Cannibal Corpse, though, I’ve never seen them play and I’m seriously looking forward to it.

    • I just checked the festival line-up, and that is one amazing show. I would kill to see that Saturday line-up of bands! You won’t completely escape the hardcore brigade that day, but I bet you’ll have plenty of help tearing apart anyone who tries to hxc dance in the pit.

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