Apr 162010

HIATUS: The radio show hosted by two of your NCS Co-Authors is on summer vacation, but should resume in September 2010.

Two of the three perpetrators of this site have landed a radio gig. Alexis and IntoTheDarkness will be co-DJs for two hours of metal every Friday morning from 10:00 – 12:oo Pacific Time on KSUB, the radio station of Seattle University.

But you don’t have to live in Seattle to listen, because the broadcast will be streaming worldwide over the web. You will need WinampiTunesXMMS or an mp3 player capable of listening to shoutcast streams to tune in.  You can listen by clicking this link. And for future reference, here’s the URL:


If you like the kind of demented extreme music we cover on this site, check out this show.

And yes, the first broadcast starts today (this thing got cleared at the last minute or we’d have given you more warning). And if Alexis and IntoTheDarkness commit any fuck-ups, be forgiving. This DJ thing is a first for them.

  4 Responses to “NCS ON THE AIR”

  1. Awesome. Will there be a streaming archive or podcast for those who don’t catch it live?

  2. We will find out and let everyone know.

  3. Fantastic…I’m definitely checking this out when September rolls around.

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