May 152010

Last December we gushed (here) about the debut album (An Awakening) by Portland death-metal band Those Who Lie Beneath. They’ve now released an official video for one of the tracks off that album, “Awaken”. It’s one of the featured videos currently running on MySpace Metal. You could go there to watch it. Or you could just watch it here on NCS.

If you don’t know the song, it’s a real scorcher. Some brutalized technical death metal, but headbang-friendly. We’re still try to figure out whether we like the video. The shots of the dudes ripping the shit out of this song are way cool. It’s the little blonde with the strange dietary habit that’s got us scratching our heads. We were starting to get in the mood for some breakfast before we saw this. Now? Not so much.

Eat first, then watch.

  2 Responses to “BANG YO HEAD, AND DROOL BLOOD”

  1. i just would like to show anpther music video but by Impending Doom, when i 1st watched Awaken’s video yesterday i immediately noticed it is about 85% like Impending Doom’s video for Silence the oppressors look and you will agree here, from the dim light to the sides of the walls, the only different thing is the wtf blonde chick, and the people who made their video also makes others for other bands but THEIR style for their music videos are like 90% THE SAME, an example is with The Crimson Armada’s video look and this band that i don;t like’s vid

    all the vids they make always has a chick! watch the vids you’ll see the similarities

  2. Gotta agree with you about the strong resemblance to the Impending Doom video. I dig “Silence the Oppressors” but had never seen the video — very close. I also see what you mean about the style of the Thunder Down Country directors.

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