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Musica Diablo is a relatively new band based in São Paulo, Brazil, with a self-titled debut album due for release on May 28. Three things grabbed our attention. First, the band’s vocalist is Derrick Green, who’s been the frontman for Sepultura since 1997.  Second, the band describes its music as “extreme fast thrash metal, with with the characteristic Brazilian style and a strong root into the 80’s veteran veterans.” Third, the forthcoming album features a cool cover (above) by Gustavo Sazes, who has also done album art for Arch Enemy, God Forbid, and Old Man’s Child.

That was enough to draw our attention to the music. We’ve been listening, and let’s just say it will kick your ass all the way up to your shoulder-blades. The music is blistering in its intensity and speed and features some cool dueling guitar solos — and Derrick Green’s raspy howls and guttural growls are skull-scrapingly vicious.

Musica Diablo was started by guitarist Andre NM (of Brazilian hardcore band Nitrominds) in early 2008, and the rest of the line-up consists of drummer Edu Nicollini (also of Nitrominds),  second guitarist André Curci (KorzusThreat), and bassist Ricardo Brigas.  The band’s new album is currently streaming in its entirety at a Brazilian internet site called Radio UOL, which you can find at this location.

But you don’t have to go there just yet, because after the jump, we’ve got a widget that will allow you to listen to five of the album’s 11 songs right here at the NCS site. Seriously, you owe it to yourself to check this shit out.  (more after the jump .  .  .)

Musica Diablo will release its debut album on May 28 via SAOLH’ArtZebralution.  In the meantime, here are two different widgets that are both currently streaming five songs from the album. Why two different widgets? Well, we picked up one from a band release that’s got some artwork and other features on it — but we’re not positive how long it will last. We created the other ourselves at ReverbNation. There’s probably no good reason to think it will last any longer, but WTF.  Oh yeah, below the widgets is a variant album cover.

Band website designQuantcast

As we said, the cool album cover at the top of this post is by Gustavo Sazes. That one will grace the front of the album for distribution to the world — except for South America.  For the South American market, the band will use an alternate cover also created by Sazes, which you can see below.

  4 Responses to “MUSICA DIABLO”

  1. thanks for your review, i´m glad you liked the album
    Andre – Musica Diablo

  2. Not bad, sounds rather promising. But why a variant cover?

    • This is from the band’s MySpace blog: “André NM explains: “It was never our intention to create more than one cover for the album, but Gustavo Sazes came with at least four amazing covers and made our choosing process a living hell! Therefore we decided then to have the two covers we liked most to be released simultaneously, as the costs for such effort are big, we came with the idea of giving each continent a different cover.”

      • Thanks for the clarification.

        Variants are nothing new, but I’m used to it coming in the form of Limited or Collectors’ Editions, not territory/region related. Having a cover for each continent is quite an ambitious goal. Even sticking with only two, that’s gotta take a lot of coordination and resources. Hope it works out for them!

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