Aug 142010

We don’t exactly run like a well-oiled machine here at NO CLEAN SINGING. We run more like a three-legged mule.  But today we’re running particularly late.

We do have a post in the works, but it won’t be finished for a couple hours. We just didn’t want you to think we had finally failed to live up to the commitment we made when we started this site — that we would have something new for you every day.

To tide you over, here’s a video from a Swedish band called Canopy — about which we’ll have more to say in today’s main post when we get the fucking thing finished. This song is called “For the Sickened Voice to Hear”, and it’s from the band’s 2009 album, Will and Perception. This song is very cool. And this is just the tip of the Canopy iceberg . . . .

(Thanks to ElvisShotJFK for tipping us off to this video.)

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  1. Great and feeble minds do indeed think alike. I just found out about this band yesterday and I’ve been exploring their music and listening to a few of their songs over and over. I will probably end up getting one or two of their albums in the next couple of days or so. Or maybe I’ll wait until next paycheck and get around to a couple more of the top entries from the to get list.

    They also did a pretty good cover of Edge Of Sanity’s”Twilight”, uploaded by the same guy that uploaded this vid. The quality could be better (it was captured live in ’04), and though it doesn’t beat The Shotgun Suicides’ version, I think they did the song justice. And considering EOS is among Canopy’s influences, that helps.

    Along the same lines, I stumbled across Heaven Shall Burn’s cover of “Black Tears” (also from Purgatory Afterglow) for the first time and was impressed. Took me a while to figure out what the point of the video was, but now that I’ve seen it, it explains a few things – and some singers might actually want to think about doing this if they wanna keep going and going and going…

    • I’ve been a Heaven Shall Burn fan for a long time, and “Black Tears” has been one of my favorites. Until just now, I never knew it was a cover! And of course, I’ve never listened to Edge of Sanity. I clearly need to remedy that. As for Canopy, thanks to your comment yesterday, they’ll be the lead in the MISCELLANY post I’m still slaving away to finish and put up today.

      • Never listened to EOS? Oh man, you’ve been missing out.

        A lot of people will say to go with Crimson, which is understandable, but I’m rather partial to Purgatory Afterglow; “Twilight” and “Velvet Dreams” are worth the price of admission alone, but the whole album’s great. I think that’s a better album to start with before exploring the rest of the band’s discography, especially since Crimson is one single 40 minute song. It and Carcass’ Heartwork are albums that changed my perceptions of metal while in high school and helped ease me into death metal, black metal and so on, while the years since have given me time to expand my listening habits even more.

  2. Is that Dethclok I hear?

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