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This will be short, but sweet. It concerns 7th Nemesis, a French band we found out about for the first time less than two months ago. We sang the praises of their 2008 album, Archetype of Natural Violence, here.

Not long ago, the band started emitting messages to the effect that a new album was on the way. Then last week, they released a really short video teaser for the album, which will be called Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow. Then yesterday, out popped the cover for the album — which would be that nice piece of visual awesomeness up above.

And then today, two new songs from that album magically appeared on the 7th Nemesis MySpace page (which has been completely revamped): “Seeding Devolution” and “Legacy of Supremacy”.

And may we say they are absolutely two killer examples of unpredictable, progressive death metal? Why, yes we may. And you may need to have your head rung like a bell, in which case jumping over to that page will do the trick. By the way, the band has a new vocalist, and that schizophrenic vocal style evident on Archetype has become somewhat less schizophrenic on the new songs but is just as vein-bursting.

No precise word on when the album will become available, but it’s supposed to be “soon”. The band is searching for a label. Hope they find one.

If you want to see that brief video teaser, continue past the jump.

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  1. Hmmm… I think I know what’s going to the “to get” list very soon.

    But I must admit, a change in singers is a bit off-putting in regards to 7th Nemesis. Sure, the music is top notch, but Sargon’s howling and snarling helped to separate these guys from the rest. It took a bit to get used to, but I liked what he was doing in the songs. It was nicely balanced and rather effective.

    Still, I’ll be paying attention. Apparently some new material’s supposed to hit their site tomorrow, although it could just be the songs that are on their mySpace player.

    • Sargon’s vocals grew on me, too, and I do think they fit the style of the music well. But I sure do like the new songs, and the new vocals still have that hi-low swing, just not as extreme.

      • To be brutally honest – which I know you like – it’s the extreme shifts that caught my attention, especially when he was doing it mid-line. I’ll give the new guy a shot though, and this will probably grow on me as well.

        Until then, I have the older material to listen to. I do recommend listening to “Blood Drops In Heaven” on their player. It’s the first time I heard anything from before Violentia Imperatrix Mundi and I might have to track down a copy of the split somewhere. The clean vocals are impressive and they have an oriental/middle-eastern vibe going on for a bit before letting things erupt into controlled chaos. Not many bands can pull this kind of stuff off.

        • Well, I just listened to “Blood Drops in Heaven” and it’s absolutely amazing. I liked it as much as anything on Archetype of Natural Violence. It also reminded me that I am going to miss Sargon’s vocals. Like you, I guess I will now have to track down Violentia Imperatrix Mundi.

          • Um, that one you might not be as easy to find anymore; that’s what became Archetype Of Natural Violence. You might get lucky though, so you can hear the earlier versions.

            Beforehand, they had a split with Punishment called Chronicles Of A Sickness, who have six tracks to 7th Nemesis’ four. They also had another split with Klone and Zubrowska last year, although I’m guessing all the tracks on that are from each of the bands’ albums and nothing new, but I could be wrong, since I’m not too familiar with the other bands (and Klone interests me far more than Zubrowska does) and don’t recognize any of the song names – but I think Klone’s are from the live album they made available for free. I still need to get around to listening to that.

            • Ugh, I meant to say Chronicles Of A Sickness. That’s the one that includes “Blood Drops”.
              As for that 2009 3-way split, all the Zubrowska songs are off the album they’re “officially” releasing now (“Zubrowska Are Dead”) except for one, which is off an earlier demo. I assume the Klone songs are off that live album, which I still haven’t gotten around to hearing either. I happen to like Zubrowska as well as Klone and 7th Nemesis, so that’s a pretty cool split for me.

              • Definitely looking forward to checking out the new material. Can’t access Myspace from work due to an idiotic filter. I have a distinct feeling that I’m gonna miss Sargon too. He lent another level of diversity thta set them apart.

                I’m digging Klone quite a bit (heard about them and 7th Nemesis here). The live album is a good listen especially considering the price. The only issue I’ve had so far is that the vocals tend to get monotonous to me over time. If I take it in doses, it’s all good though.

                • I’m now going to quit my procrastinating and listen to that live Klone album!
                  And I think I’m really going to have to listen to the entire new 7th Nemesis whenever it becomes available to figure out how much they’ve lost without Sargon, and maybe how much they’ve gained. If I’d never heard the earlier music, I’d be perfectly happy with the new songs, and really, I still am. But as you say, Sargon’s craziness was one of the distinct things about their music.

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