Dec 262010

This will be short, but sweet. It concerns 7th Nemesis, a French band we’ve written about before. We sang the praises of their 2008 album, Archetype of Natural Violence, here, and then in late August we reported that the band was on the verge of releasing a new album, two songs from which were available for listening on their MySpace page.

Now we’ve learned that 7th Nemesis has made the entire new album available for streaming on their official site, which you can access via this link. The album is called Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow. It features that very nice piece of artwork up above, plus seven songs of unpredictable, technical, progressive, inventive-as-hell death metal. Damn, is it good. If you’ve only got time for a sample, listen to “Distorted Mass”. It will twist your brain into a Rubic’s Cube.

The album is also streaming at MySpace and on the band’s Facebook page.  No precise word on when or how the album will become available for acquisition, but we assume it will be soon. You can expect a review here on NCS.

Aug 312010

This will be short, but sweet. It concerns 7th Nemesis, a French band we found out about for the first time less than two months ago. We sang the praises of their 2008 album, Archetype of Natural Violence, here.

Not long ago, the band started emitting messages to the effect that a new album was on the way. Then last week, they released a really short video teaser for the album, which will be called Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow. Then yesterday, out popped the cover for the album — which would be that nice piece of visual awesomeness up above.

And then today, two new songs from that album magically appeared on the 7th Nemesis MySpace page (which has been completely revamped): “Seeding Devolution” and “Legacy of Supremacy”.

And may we say they are absolutely two killer examples of unpredictable, progressive death metal? Why, yes we may. And you may need to have your head rung like a bell, in which case jumping over to that page will do the trick. By the way, the band has a new vocalist, and that schizophrenic vocal style evident on Archetype has become somewhat less schizophrenic on the new songs but is just as vein-bursting.

No precise word on when the album will become available, but it’s supposed to be “soon”. The band is searching for a label. Hope they find one.

If you want to see that brief video teaser, continue past the jump. Continue reading »

Jul 222010

Imagine this: You’re sitting on a bus, minding your own business. A pale young man next to you, with blue hair, begins to twitch, and then to convulse. The eyes roll back in his head and his limbs begin to flail in a full seizure.

Before you can think what to do, he seizes your arm — and you begin to convulse too. Your eyes roll back in your head, and all the synapses in your brain begin to fire at once — and you continue to flail even when he lets go, because your brain has been sucked into a vortex of transfixing complexity.

That image begins to approximate the experience of listening to the music of a French band called 7th Nemesis. The songs are incredibly intricate and inventive. They collapse the walls between multiple genres. They are executed with a fine balance of precise skill and explosive emotion. And they thrash like the seizure of a blue-haired epileptic.

7th Nemesis was founded in 2001 with the avowed objective of “mixing the violence of extreme metal with the complexity of progressive rock structures.” They recorded a 3-track demo and a split CD and then released (in 2006) a full-length debut called Violentia Imperatrix Mundi, which they made available for free download on their website (through a link that unfortunately no longer works).

Then, after getting some attention and festival spots on the strength of that album, they did a strange thing. After adding a new drummer, they re-recorded and remixed their debut and, in July 2008, released the revised songs in the form of an album called Archetype of Natural Violence.

I don’t know how the revised songs compare to the originals, but considering them as they are, Archetype of Violence is a riveting experience — one we highly recommend.  (more after the jump, including a song to stream and a video of another one . . .) Continue reading »